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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Salam warahmatullah to all my dearest reader. I always saying this as I am starting a post: how pity my blog had been, being abandoned since so long. (I'm SORRY)

Now, I am back for a new thought(s). It came across my mind to write something here recently, actually as I've no idea what to look forward for my English II Paper tomorrow (4th March 2011). Then I decided to use my blog as an applicant for my skills in writing English. Okay-okay, I would like to write about 3R, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This well-known quote practically been used for Green Earth Campaign, Recycling Campaign and many other campaigns which hoping that the deterioration of human consciousness about the environment can be upraised back. Actually, I saw something else behind the quote, new way of implementation of good things in our lives.


For some context we can focus 'reduce' by reducing the usage of something which could lead to harm. For example in 3R campaign, plastic is the main issue. Cut the usage of plastic bags, plastic wrappings and many plastics, plastics and plastics from involving our daily activities, (especially for groceries) to retreat the environment from this hardly biodegrade stuff that always continue to pollute. Well, do you see something here? Reducing something could reduce something else. Okay, of course in order to lessen something lead to harm, apart from just stay do nothing as it doesn't make any changes in your life. It’s such a self-oriented thinking.

Implementation of plastics in our live here was about the properties of plastics itself towards the environment. Yeah, of course plastics don't do any hurts towards human (unless the plastics been given to your kids/younger brother or sister as a toy) but it created a slow but deep impact toward the Earth. 

We had Iman (faith) which was the environment that provides the place for living. Plastics were negative influences (sins, debauch stuff) that keep ruining the faith which put our life on the right path, from going distantly. We do feel pleasure, happy, and delightful with plastics but think, how about the environment?  As the environment polluted, then we could see clearly, physically (the behavior) the changes. Well, as I mentioned before, cut or reduce the usage of plastics to preserve your environment. Too many jargon here, so frankly speaking, preserve your iman for any sinful act, or at least control yourself by reduce the frequency of the doings. Believe in yourself, and vitally, believe in Allah, the One who had created you. Reduce here obviously bring something good to your life to prevent any destructive circumstances. You can make the change.

Focusing in 3R concepts, well there, means by make something that had been used, to be used by for another purpose. Yeah, typical example, creating a lovely and simple flower vase from plastic bottle. Economically beneficial, in addition. Furthermore, we could transform the bottle into a vase based on our own well-build-creative thinking. 

Bottle, vase. Knowledge and implementation (reuse).  Maybe these will look a slight different from the concept of reuse but I'll try to make the idea actually doesn't have that difference. ‘Ilm (knowledge) was a prior thing to be looked or searched in a Muslim's life. Without any doubt also, knowledge was everything. It could lead to anything. You can call it anything, study, educate, learn, follow, etc. 

Why study? Why should you know this? Why you should know that? The answer was simple. To be use. Be an applicator and implementer. No such knowledge that was useless. It only comes out whether being implemented rightfully or in the other way around. Nowadays, we’re living in a brand new (I supposed) environment or trend: exam oriented (well, I’m narrowing the scope for students/scholars). Study for exam. For good credits, marks, and points considered study ONLY for exam. This couldn’t be right in certain way, certainly. Next scope, for Islamic Studies students, yes, they hold bigger responsibility to reuse everything they had absorbed in the class in the daily life, for role modeling themselves in the center of the society. And yes, you won't simply be a simplistic person to do these. Strength should be gained to make these a reality.

In addition, we're not alone in the path of fulfilling our nature requirement for living as a servant which pleasured by the God, Allah. As we're not alone, sharing is vital. Reuse your knowledge by sharing with friends and fellows. Don’t make it only beneficial towards yourself; for instance, use it  for others good instead. In the same moment you could contribute something useful as a friend.


Transform into something new but in different patterns. I’m recently managed to set up a ‘Recycle’ in a program here, so I came out with an idea of putting a video of consciousness about recycle. I found out a video from YouTube™, showed a new way to recycle typical ordinary plastic bags: transform it into a hard pole for building frame in Kenya. Creative isn’t it? Make something used into something that was more beneficial. Saying that those were rubbish wasn’t a productive thinking.

Now here what I am trying to deliver was something that we could reflect in ourselves. Certainly, we couldn’t recycle any part of our limbs, or organs (if that was in your mind, no). We recycle by review, glance or revalue the quality of our humane quality. For sure both aspect should be considered, habl min Allah and habl min nas (link with Allah and other people), to be the most preferable human capital. Well, reflecting the self wasn’t that easy. We got ego, and ego plays its role to boast up the self, make the feeling of perfectness creep up inside ourselves. Consequently, lack of ‘recycle’ make the heart stoned and let the ego throne up. 


3R not only about the environment, Earth or sustaining our place to live, it also could be implemented by ourselves for being a better person. Aslih nafsak (improvise yourself) with this simple formula, 3R, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. 

Some mumble or thought by you may be expressed if you had confusion on these. Okay, simple, these were my ideas and views. You could express yours below, practice sharing, then we could discuss together. 

Credit to: Wan Ahmad Furqan for be the early bird reader of this post. =)

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soleheen_D said...

tetibe teringat video save earth yg ko buat ngn hayyan tu...dgn lagu michael jackson sbg tema..what a great video i think~!...haha

abdullah_syabab said...

erk,,bird reader??

SyDanny~ said...

'early bird' reader
kinda idiom.. maksudnya pembaca terawal..

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