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First posting after the final Spm exam

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hye, anybody. This is my first posting after the whole hectic month. Quite hectic but not bad. Now, I'm free~

Plan? Yea, as a former student of Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College, I got several plans to do during the nothing-to-do-era. These was those of the things.

1. Learn driving. This one is crucial, because I heard a rumours about the government that the age for any person who want to take a driving test is increased to be 21 years old in 2010. No way man.. I'm going to take part for the test, no matter how.

2. Learning computer. I've applied MARA's one, so I'm just waiting for the feedback. Hoping the class session would be held at IKM nearby.

3. Go to work. I guess this was the perfect time for me to do something that could earn some money. Mrs. Salimah have suggested, be a tution teacher, Arabic subject for PMR student. I'm sorry, I think I could cope any other subject, but Arabic, I guess it going to be a little bit hard. Hehe. Not only that, I guess I'll having job in any food outlets, maybe in shops, maybe as a waiter, cashier, or washing dishes, no one knows. Except for 7E.

4. Clean the house. Based on my observation, my house recently have a look quite like an abandoned house. Especially my room. Dust, urgh~ I think everybody could have asthma if no action being taken. I've started the work, begin with my room.

5. Updating my blog. Ya, this posting has prove it.

So, I guess that's all. Anything to suggest?

01:80 a.m, 24th December 2009.