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Saturday, January 30, 2010

MasyaAllah. When I woke up this morning, I felt like my nasal cavity was being filled with something: solid-fluid-like substances. Great. I woke with my nose clogged. My head was very dizzy, as if I tried to stand up, my head was very heavy as it kept telling me that it should be on pillow. I'm sick today. Another test from Allah

My first thought that came across my mind was, can I go for work today? At first, I thought I'm gonna be alright, just keep my strength enough for it. But, it faded just like that. I'm not gonna make it today. All I don was, laying on bed and continued my sleep, until the noon.

My mom told me that she's going to call Mr. Chea, so he will be informed for my absent. Right after that, I send a text message to Shahrul and informed him about my condition. He just replied the message just now, approximately 9 hours later. Huhu. He told me that it was not a big deal, but Mr. Chea told them, anyone who was present today, was the ones who should come for work tomorrow. I'm asking him about me. How about me? If I do want to come tomorrow? He said, no need. I'm just be there on Monday until Saturday.

So, hope I'll getting well sooner, so I could go for work on Monday.