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Hye! Thanks for spending your time for my blog. Yea, I,m just having an attempt in blogging. So, far so good. I'm really sorry if there any mistakes in my writing or broken language, it's not purposely happened. Anyway, enjoy reading. -The Owner of This Blog-

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1. Actually got least idea for my writing on this blog. That's why I tended to left this blog without any update post for a long time.

2. Well, as if ideas running and spinning on my mind, I had this kind of voice keep echoing in my ears, "Well, if I type down these, it will going to be as long as a novel. And you got no time to spurt all the thought out."MyEm0.Com

3. Now, I got some times, for blogging again as my final exam was ended. Not really actually. I am going to sit for 2 paper more, Algebra and Geometry, and Calculus. For the next 2 weeks!

4. As both of subjects have extra weeks for classes, I needed to be here, in my beloved University, to attend those classes during the others' holidays.MyEm0.Com

5. Never mind, it doesn't matter at all for me. Better for me for being here. I supposed. As me and my others classmates got so many time to spend, we managed to plan some activities to do. here we go, Kelantan!

6. Just some hours ago, we went trekking into the villages, having approximately 3-4 hours of walk, enjoying the panorama of country-side view, and also chatting with the villagers. Syakur was being too friendly until he's nearly forgot he's in Kelantan, not Perak.

7. Those fruits hanging on the branches was killing me. Really temptating. Rambutan, Dokong, mangosteen, water apple (jambu air), and a thing (I don't know to call it fruit or what) Beko, sword-like shaped. MyEm0.Com

8. At last, Anas and I managed to buy 2 kilos of Dokong at the way back to the varsity.

9. Overall, this activitiy, which had been managed by our seniors who could be called as our facilitator or mentor, whatever, made this simple but quite tiring activitiy seemed fun. Really. We enjoyed it. MyEm0.Com

10. Next day, planned to have time at waterfall. sounds great, huh?