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Open your mind to mind the others feelings.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to readers. 

One kind of topic that quite a challenge to be discussed on yet compulsory to be taken as an important issue. I really like and tend to write about the things that usually occur among the society so it may be something typical and easily understand. Its like every single person that jumped into the articles here would somehow can relate themselves along while reading. Really I'm such an observant.

Frankly, to make everybody clear, I really dislike judgement. Well, I meant by simple judgement, made just with a quick glimpse or glance, which afterward the pesky feeling will come along within the 'judges' toward certain group of people or individual being as they acted differently and sometimes the combo includes some rude expression. For sure, this kind of situation have no exception to happen within any type of community.

I recently got a story from a female friend, she was sounded like frustrated, and dissapointed to those kind of people. She was kind of outspoken type of person, always letting her thought being spurted out no matter what the others may think or having some sceptical perception while she herself being cynical out loud. One day, some group of junior run pass her and just seemed like ignored her presence. Well, somehow its kind of obvious and offensive and according to her, she's being treated like that just because of her hijab was not big enough as theirs. Afterwards, she got the best of them by these words, "Well, your purity might be shown off by your appearance but in the way of being sceptical and rude to the other that may have slight differences apart of yours, how much of purity of the real of you really have instead of the outfits?". The day after the incident, the came by themselves and made an apologize.

Its really hard to deal with shallow-minded person. For me, those people who only appreciate their own perceptions that being made only by raw observation was immature because they're lacking of the skill in being analitical and thorough. Plus, they may barely took experiences as their indirect lesson of life neither taking some effort to recall and relate them with current situations. The sensitivity perhaps there but always reserved for their own sake.

Its really  sounds like retard because they were. They were being immature in taking their own thoughts into account in certain situation especially when the involvement of somebody else, when at the same time their own presence was inevitable e.g. group project. The satisfactory may appear as they became uneasy with the unpleasant act by the certain member they annoyed on by responding with some unpleasant act too. Most preferred way, get them offended back as much or worse as they had, even it was unintentionally done due to some reasons which less preferred to be ask why it have been so.

Easy enough
People less care about problems when they lived happy and hardly face some as everything seem going well and smooth. When the other got the best of them, and struggled to the fullest capacity and may seem unorganized due to the aftermath, in order to get everything settled down. Another shallow thought that totally never ever should crossed in your mind is comparing the certain person ability to handle certain problem with their own capability, and obviously, its really unfair as numerous factors that should be put into account for supporting the thought are totally being ignored. It will never be the same thoughts when the truth are being known.

These writing might crowded with ideas and descriptions which negatively described, yet those were the reality. Typical and mediocre. I purposely pointed out them just exactly the way they were so you could value them yourself instead of telling the wrong along with the right thing to do or solutions. This typical world typically had typical problem among the society, so typical solution and approach should be worked on. We know what we prefer, and counterwise. Be brilliant in socialize instead of letting the flow goes by and everything will turn well only by the influences by the others. Do not ever forget that we are also part of the system.