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At last... Alhamdulillah..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

You might be wondering why I'm being so grateful now, don't you? I've been waiting for this for so long, being so hopeful, and I've pray a lot for this. Finally, at last, the wait was over. I got a job!! Syukur to the God.

I should start for work on Monday. The venue, Chiew Bookstore in Manjung town, the biggest supplier of book and stationary for the most school in my district. I've been qualified for shop assistant post in the store. The size of my first workplace was quite enormous. Two, I guess three lots of shop-house being combined together, that was Chiew bookstore.

The owner of the bookstore, Mr. Chea (I don't know the exact spelling) actually being promoted by my ex-English teacher in Secondary High School of Vocational of Seri Manjung, Ms. Li Na to hire me for any post in his store. My mom, was one of the employee in the school also asked him about the same thing. For your information, Mr. Chea was one of the suppliers for Secondary High School of Vocational of Seri Manjung, so no wonder my mom and Ms. Li Na always met him. Not enough with that, the school library was the place where my mom being situated. So, he was very well-known by my mom, and so do him to my mom.

I've been told that I'll get RM500 monthly there. Not bad, as long I got some source for my spending. Furthermore, this will makes my family financial problem solve, even though not really, honestly. At least, I can help, and I'm glad. Working hour, 12.00 p.m. until 9.00 p.m., about 9 hours. I liked this. So, I should rearrange my daily schedule. I think I got off day For Saturday and Sunday. Not sure.

I've been telling my friend about this good news. They said, I was so fortunate for getting the job. Bookstore. I could read as many book as I can there. Haha. It's like a heaven.

Alhamdullilah again, for the chance that being gave away by Allah for me. I hope I could give as much commitment as I could there, and be a well-discipline worker. Insya-Allah, it couldn't be so hard as I though, perhaps, because I've once was one of co-opian in KISAS. For reader of this blogs, I wish all of you could pray for me, for strength. Last but not least, I hope this first experience be the most valuable experience in my life.