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KISAS after holiday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Okay. KISAS is seems to be no much different since I left Klang a week ago. But somebody had a quite a little bit change. Him, who else. Even though no as before, at least he managed to talk with me, and share some jokes (even not funny.)

At first night, we, i mean me, Fye, Amirul and him made uor way to the musolla. Wanna have night there. I took my blanket and pillow and laid in a corner of the musolla with them. Before that, Fye had told me that he have read the posting that I've write about him. OKAY, no wonder he being much better than before. One more thing, he assume me and Fye being together to trick him. Huh.. riddiculous.

Okay then thats all for today, the accses room is getting close. Next time, I'll write another story.
(Abid, the roomkeeper, kept making such weird sound, indicated the room is getting closed.)