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First day on work.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tired. That's the only word that could explain everything. Quite funny when I was there at 12 noon, and I'm asking everyone there, "Now, what I suppose to do?". Really awkward. I don't know any of them at all. There was 9 workers there in total including me. 3 men, and 6 women, had been hired by Mr. Chea (I still didn't knew  the exact spelling of my employer's name, huhu). So far, I've been introduced to Shahrul, Syafiq, Kak Yana, and Aten, and someone that I ever knew her. Read more. The rest, I still don't know their names. 2 of the girls was Indians.

They were so kind to me. Yet, very open-handed in accepting me as the new employee. I've been told by Aten that most of them started working there since 1 Jan. They looked like enjoyed for being there. Most important thing, there's no any of them being arrogant nor something like that, yet bad attitudes. Even though this was my first day in the premise, they acted as I've been there as long as them.

One of them, Mona Fatin (my ex-classmate when I'm standard 6), acting so cold. Making the situation just like this day was the first day we met. I couldn't let this, so I acted just like her. The most funniest part, when we accidentally met at the paper sector of the store. I looked at her and she looked at me. Each other made a surprise mimic. Haha. Then, she turned and went away from there. So do I. Then, I kept thinking, how stupid these was. So, when she had some work near to the place where I'm situated, I asked her, "Where did you've been after the primary school?" Then, she asked me back, " Where do you want me go? " And I say wherever. Right after that, we could talk to each other, without letting the hypocrisy in ourselves.We've been talking about our past classmates too.

Overall, not bad be as one of them. Even though in my first day, I needed to bind-punch all 10 rim of paper, all by myself. 1 rim, 450 sheets of paper, 10 rim, 4500 rim. Huh, only God knew how tired it was, standing in front of the binding tool, almost half-day. Then, all the bind-punched papers needed to be rearranged to 30 sheets per pile for another packaging. But, I liked this.

Hope I'll got more strength onwards, don't let any bad things could let me down.

P/S: Mr. Chea was a great boss. Stern? Not him.

I've been holding this stuff for most of the hours on the store.