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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I've been tagged by Areena for listing 25 significant things that I could remember happened when I was a little boy. Before that, I'm sorry Areena, I couldn't understand your request before. I saw my name at the bottom of your post, but then I've no idea what to do next. So I just let it go. Huhu.

1. I quit milk-bottling since 4. My mom said, I mentioned "It gross". And since then, I hate milk.

2. I can read since 4 too. It started when I kept observing the subtitles on tv screen. I also often read the newspaper.

3. Fanatic of Power Rangers too. Huhu. The tapes was uncountable, and no enough with that, I urged my dad to rent some from the store. The tape player frequently had problem since I continuously play the video over and over again. Plus, I got so many Power Rangers stuff, bags, pencil case, cap, sword, mask...

4. I got so many toys. Hehe, there was almost 3 huge boxes full of those stuff before. It couldn't fit my father Saga to be moved to our new house (current home) for one ride. Those toys cost Rm30++ each. I was very choosy in picking toys.

5. My mom ever said that my leg's thumb, I'm not sure the left or right one, have severely injured once. It's because of Milo bottle, before this it was glass made. I liked to play with it and one day, it cracked and cut my thumb, nearly cut it off. All mom have done, put the gamat oil. No hospital, no stitches. It recovered just like that.

6. I was also a crazy fan of Doraemon. I've collected all the 45 version of Doraemon comics. Unfortunately, those comics was gone. I've no idea where its goes.

7. I've once been at TLDM port, brought by my dad. I went in the tank, and it was very congested with so may pipes.

8. Since my mom and dad was both have job when I was a kid and continued until now, so, I've been sent to my aunt house. The house was at the 3rd floor of a quarters flat. I don't know why, I really hate being dumped by my parents. One day, I've been cried like crazy to be sent there, and I've attempted to jump off from the corridor. Haha. Stupid.

9. Liyana was my closest cousin. I've been sent to her house actually, as mentioned above. Because of her, I stop crying. Hehe. So fun when spending time with her. Easy to forget that I've been dumped.

10. First day on the kindergarten, I slept in my class. I though I've been sent to a new nursery house.

11. My first beloved teacher was teacher Azizah. So missed her. I don't know where she was now. It have been 13 years ago.

12. I couldn't eat sausage before. When I was 6, my friend asked me to try on it and I liked it until now. He was Shazwan.

13. I'm not active in sport since kindergarten. Really. I hate sport. My teacher just not forcing me.

14. My dad often took me out with his motorbike at late night. I seated in front of him. He bought me a burger and then back home. Sometimes, he took me around the town, and at that time, the town was like 'dead', there was nobody.

15. I ever planted a rambutan tree from a single seed, and now, it was a huge tree. All it can do was providing  shade as it was a male tree. Can't produce any fruit.

16. I often skipped my class in kindergarten, as I've mentioned before, I hate being dumped. I followed my dad to his workplace, in TLDM.

17. In TLDM, there was a hall with a huge television. My dad asked me to sit there and he switched on the television while he continued his work. Cartoon Network. I badly wondered, why we don't have this channel at home? I kept searching the channel, using VHF and UHF tuning. Few years later then I knew. We've never installed an Astro.

18. In my kindergarten, I was the top student. Every exam I got 100%. Seriously. And I'm the one who always got number 1. No chance for others.

19. In standard 1, I've been transferred to the nearby primary school. Really hard to get used since the teachers was so fierce like hell. I can remember one day I tried to escape back home during the recess. I bearing my bag on my back when the class monitor summoned to stand for the greet to the teacher. The others looked at me and said, "It's time for recess, not going home." Then, I put down back my bag.

20. My legs often to get cramp as the result calcium deficiency. You know, I hate milk. I often happened at the midnight. My mom always being disturbed be she never been fed up. She will put a bucket of warm water with salt and asked me to immersed my legs in it. Very effective, and I usually fell asleep on the chair.

21. I ever have a fight with a girl in the kindergarten. She's very annoying. I don't like to have fight actually, but she really want to tried me out. I pulled her veil, push her aside, haha, having a real struggle. Her name was Puteri something. Don't know where she was as she moved before the school ended. I'm really glad.

22. I ever argued with my parents when they said that human skin should be coloured with orange colour pencil. Huh? Wasn't it brown? Until now I don't know why they think orange was the right colour.

23. My house before was full with decoration. Fake bonsai, lovely curtain, rugs, and many more. All those stuff can't stand longer at its place, because I'll use my own creativity to make it look as my desire. Most of it destroyed rather than remain with its original look.

24. I ever stay alone at home when I was 5 and 6. I rather stay alone than being at my aunt house. All I do was, watching television until my parents back from work.

25. I was the most beloved great grandchildren of my great grandmother. I was 2 or 3, when she's passed away. She cried when my parents wanted to back home because she's really easily miss me.

That's all I think. Then I'll pass this to
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