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Pathetic party.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Actually I' just finishing exploring my CD which I've burnt some pictures of my college. Its the right time to make a post for my blog, I think. Let me show you some pictures of my class party, that have been held on... I can't remember. Frankly speaking, that night was the most pathetic night ever.

I made my way to the school that night along with Amirul. We're so happy as we're about to sing and skip along the way. But all the happy mood disappeared, destroyed within a minute after we'd heard a voice. We're very sure, that was the Senior Assistance of Administration. Yes, no doubt.

Me and Amirul hid behind a wall, listening from far. Great, there was some of the 503's members there, and in front of them, she standing and yelling. All the students in front of her looked gloomy. Obviously, they're sad. Amirul and I don't have any gut to show ourselves, so we kept hiding. But at the same time, we're felt very guilty, letting them faced the problem by themselves. After several minutes, Safwan and some of our members arrived. They also shocked about the incident.

Yes actually it was our fault. Even though we've planned this thing with teacher, actually it prohibited. The whole college have been announced with the prohibition. And we still want to have the party. We have the gut to have it as our teacher said that she want to deal with the Senior Assistance of Administration. So, our thought was, one problem settled.

Before this, I've met our class teacher to discuss about the plan. To make the party. Final one. At school. We've been agreed to hold the event, at the same time, I'm alerted them about the prohibition, you know, to make any party at school. Right there, we've made plan B. In case when after she asked for the party and still being forbidden, she said better to made the party in the classroom, during the P&P. She said that she will bring some food and beverages, yes, only a small party. We've agreed with the idea.

But, different thing happened. The girls had came to school to earlier to prepare everything. Yes, that's why they felt the effect of the incident worse then the boys. After finished giving the warn, she went home, near to the college, where she lived in a bungalow that provided by the government.

We've managed ourselves to go to her home, to ask for her final apologize. One of our members, I can't remember who, knocked her front door. Her daughter opened. She said that her mother won't see us. Abid kept urging her, that we want to ask for her apologize, and begged for it. She closed the door. A moment later, she back, and told us that she still won't see us. We thanked her and leave. Everybody felt disappointed.

We lead our way back to the college. We've managed ourselves to go on the party, as the food and beverages have been prepared, even though in a pathetic atmosphere. These was some on pictures that just-in-time being snapped by us. Actually, we've been enjoyed the party, but the guiltiness still could not be rid away.

Yea, love the spirit. Never let the spirit go down.

Actually, this picture snapped when we're already done. In progress tidiying the class.

Yeah, great. Spilling the drink actually not a big deal. Moreover, On Izzah's.

Everybody should happy when sad things happened.



Look at us. We could control the atmosphere. At last, we've promised to ourselves that we will create the history to achieve with flying colour in our SPM, even though we've broke the rule once. 503 is the best!