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Way to KISAS

Monday, August 31, 2009

Urm, this is the last morning for me to stay up at home in front of computer, being online. Then, some hours later, I'll be at the bus station of Manjung and make my way again to Klang, being at KISAS once again.

My holiday? Nothing special about this holiday. On thing make this time so special, I managed myself to have post-midnight meal, and breaking fast with my family. My mom also made our way to Teluk Intan, visiting my grandmother. We also managed ourselves to have post-midnight meal and breaking our fast with her.

Then, at the evening just now, I was so bored. Guess what I doing. I made myself being more bored by gardening. The weeds beside my house was getting wilder, and made my house like abandoned house. Actually I planned to clean all the weeds before but, you know the disease, LAZY. I was such a 'good' act, done it a day before coming back to KISAS. Great. You know what, I finished cleaning the weeds, not more that half-way of the total area of the compound. The excuse is, my back is getting hurt. I dont want my back hrt on my way to KISAS.

Then, at night, I made a phone call for Fye, just for nothing, chatting about non-benificia stuff. He said he doesnt study at all along this holiday, and so do I. Never mind, we can survive last minutes. KISAS kids style, yeah. Then, we talked about Amirul, who whave made his way to the capital, Pudu. He being catched up by Amir Halim, his SPECIAL friend, and perhaps having the night at his home. I bet he being soo happy right now.

I also made a call to someone, I mean one of my friend just now. I'm calling him because he is one of the KISAS's KPs,and perhaps he got the answer for my question.

"Erm, you know what, I think I'm gonna be at KISAS at nigt. Can I?"
"Inform, warden."
"Ow, yeah, ok, thats all. By the way, what is the song title of you caller ringtone? It sounds great."
"Caller ringtone? I don't have one."
"Huh, I've heard it just now. Never mind, ok then, bye."

Just like that. He still cold with me. I dont know what I need to do anymore. After that I sent a sms to Fye and ask him to do something.

"He still with the moody tone. Fed up~."
"Then you know."
"Try you to call him and ask him how the prep tomorow will gonna be. And observe how his tone will be."
"Ok, I'll try later."

Then, Ive wait for a several minutes, and Fye made a phone call to me, by using his celcom simcard.

"Hey, he just okay with me."
"Yea, and he just fine with me. He also managed to tease me. He just okay."
"Its different with me. At once I called him, he just said "inform warden" with his moody tone. "
"I think you should keep away from him."
"Dont know, maybe he doesmnt like being with you.. or something like that."
"Urgh, I hate this. Hate this, hate this, hate this!"

OKAY. I had this enough. Enough is enough. Now Im just wanna to sit back, and see what will happend. Ive made my effort to coax him back, and now, will see what will going to be next.

Now, having a life again in KISAS, for the second season of Ramadhan there. Cant wait.

1.25 am. Im not packing my stuff yet.