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First time as Interviewee.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

 I really be honored when I knew that I was the one among all the students who applied for JPA or PSD (Public Service Department) scholarship (18,000++ overall), and being selected for attending interview (8,000++ overall). And now, I've done my part by attending the interview last Thursday, April 8th. The program was held in Majlis Perbandaran Ipoh (MPI).

After having 1 hour (I guessed more) trip to Ipoh by car that was lent by my sister in Keramat, my dad arrived in Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI) building, in front of it. along the trip I felt very uneasy felling of my stomach, and for sure it's nothing to do about butterfly. Wrong diet perhaps. Until we having lunch in the cafeteria on the building, I still could not reach my appetite. So, just having a bite of muffin.

Okay, everything seemed to be fine. My shoe, shirt *peach in color and trousers *my sister said I'm like in retro era because of the cutting of my pant, the documents and the most important thing, the confidence. Anxious, cannot be doubt, but I could not resist the excited feeling, the passion. I managed to go to the 2nd floor, floor for the program being held, then I've been instructed by an office there to left my signature on a board; which 5 A4 sized paper placed there with names. In my approximation, approximately there were 50++ students should be attending the program that day. And I became more anxious, because most of the student of my panel; 4th Panel was Chinese. Then I stepped back understairs.

I met Nabil, yeah! At least one of KISASian be there with me, so I got some strength. having some chat with him really made me up. Then, the clock showed 1.45 p.m. Time to act. Go upstairs, sit for a briefing. Bla, bla, bla, all about documents, making sure we got all what they needed. Then, we wait until a guy called us; grouped us according to panel. I met Qurratul Aini *not sure the exact spelling, also KISASian, Ali sport house, huhu. I managed to say 'goodluck' to her and so do her. Then I walked as directed by the instructor.

I was grouped into 5 students of group. All Chinese except me. Okay. Nervous. I was afraid now. But one think I should ensured; maintain cool, kept smile. Dup, dap. Nah, just Chinese, nothing to be afraid of *this was not racism blog, okay. I got the 5th number tag to be pinned to my shirt.

It's the time. Going to the board room. 3 interviewer, 5 interviewee. I objective. The scholarship *just like reality TV show. I found myself in cold because the room was like a fridge. After greeted the interviewers, we took our seats. First, one of them explained what should be going on in the room along an hour ahead. First section, introduction. We needed to speak in Malay as instructed by the interviewer. So, I was the 5th interviewee, so it was an advantage for me, as I could observed how the others performance and how can I do much better then them. Okay, one thing I couldn't forget, one of the interviewee's introduction. She introduced herself just nice, until she said Saya kagum dengan mak saya. Then, she kept on telling us about her mom, occupation, activities etc. That's kind of wrong there. Then, my part, I just managed to tell 'em what was crossed on my mind that time. About myself, former school, where do I live, co-curricular activities and they managed to ask me about the course that I've been chosen; Biotechnology.

They asked me, which field in Biotechnology do you prefer or have an interest on it? Okay, actually, I've no idea. I liked Biotech and I knew a little bit about the range of field, but I've never specify my interest on it. Then, spontaneously, I said Human Genome Research or Genetic Engineering. Fuh, I thought it was enough as long I got an answer. My thought vanished as they asked again why this kind of field? Isn't it have many controversial matter that have been debated among the scientist? *The question almost as this, I can't remember the exact question. So, I said, a little bit not more than this, that was my responsibility to change the prospective of the people nowadays about Biotech as the range of field was really wide. You can manipulate many thing as long it contribute to the society. Besides that, there were more thing could be focused on such as diseases matter which related to genetic and many more.

End for introduction part now came to second part; discussion. Yeah, we been asked to rearranged our chairs (which before this being agaist the wall) to form a curve shape. 5 chairs. Then we was given a topic; Alternative Energy. The interviewer asked us to discuss about the definition, then how's those alternative stuff was desperately needed by the world society nowadays (kind of). then, a Chinese girl started. Bla, bla, bla. Then I gave my opinion about the definition, which was a renewable source of energy which could not be finished up even by using large amount of the source in certain time (kind of, I'm not really remember my own words). then I gave some examples, solar, water, waves etc. Okay, this part was not difficult though, because most of the interviewee didn't looked active. Until they needed to be asked, then they gave out their opinions. And one of them also kind of them looked obviously hesitated when answering. Also, a student, Chinese boy also brought in a small notebook, and in this part I could realized what was the purpose of the notebook. Write the ideas before speech on it.

Finally, the discussion not seemed like to be a discussion. Less active members, so i thought the interviewer jut want to make everything gone simple. They started to asked a specific question (still on alternative energy topic) and pointed to any of the interviewee individually, randomly. I managed to answer a question, more or less like this, how about the usage of energy source in Malaysia? Isn't it still ancient because we apparently depend on fuel, coal etc, which still using Earth source. Yes or no? The interviewer pointed, and I said, with a full confidence and the face expression (I couldn't forget this part) I'd answered, Yes! Then, he pointed to the others, yes or no. Something I wasn't satisfied here, as the other have the chance to elaborate their answers, unlike me, just saying, Yes! with over-confident-like-expression pasted on my face. Not fair! By the way, I don't know why, I felt very great by yelling "Yes!" that time.

Now, moving to the last part. We needed to answer a question just like this, If JPA was in desperate and only need one of you to be sent aboard, and the decision had to be made by yourself, who will you choose? You may pick yourself or the other member of room. Okay, frankly, I didn't ready enough for this question. I waited for a while, as I thought better observe others' answers first. Okay, they pointed me first.
For me, I think I was eligible for the scholarship since I managed to achieve the qualification. Plus, the most important thing was, the biotech field in Malaysia was in very beginning stage, so, no doubt, Malaysia need more new scientist to carry on forward this field just like the other developed country. Furthermore, my carrier in the future on only contribute to the specific organization Government especially, but to the entire society too. *I still can't remember my exact words, but more or less like this, seriously.

Okay then, end the interview session of my group. Before going out, they asked for any inquiries, and nobody came out with a question. Then, they thanked us for the co-operation. We stood up, greeted back, nad only me said the salam, we shook hand with the interviewer.

Then, outside the room, we've been asked to pt on a signature on a piece of paper *which Fye didn't do this, then collected my original documents. I forgot to photocopy my parents salary approval form, so I ran back downstairs *using elevator and my father done it. I also brought along my High Arabic Language certificate along as they asked for it too. A bro, I was not really sure why he's there, but for sure he was one of JPA officers, perhaps. He said to me, Speak Arabic, can you? with a grin, just like want to tease me. I just smiled and waited for the elavator as he only situated in front of it. With a long table. *I just don't know what to say. Hehe. The elevator opened, then I yelled to him Ma'asalamah! He reply, Eh, jangan la, tak paham weh. * No need to translate to English. The elevator closed.

My father speed up back to Manjung, and we managed to drop by to my uncle's house in Kampar, and to my grandma's house in Changkat Jong, Teluk Intan.

Anyway, this experience took me 3 days to be typed. *Lazy. This given me some value-added, so i could be prepared as if there any interview someday. *Okay, I think this one not enough yet actually.