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Mawwadah Day.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My parents are coming to my school today. Hoorayy~
I sat in the hall.. waiting all the things being set up.. as I read a novel, Syamim's, entitled 'Remember Me?'. I'll tell you about the novel on the other posting.
Urm.. it is really a wait. Then, my parent came. I leaved my seat and walked towards them, guided them to their seat after fetching my result.
I walked back to my seat, continue reading the novel.
The speeches pass by as smooth as the comitee expected.
Then, we went to the canteen, to redeem my parents breakfast using a coupon that had been given by the teachers just now while getting my result. This is my dad's comment as he tasted the meal (fried mee-hon): "If my kids at the hotel got an outcome just like this (he is a chef for your information), better quit. Just like school canteen stuff." Then I replied, "It is school canteen stuff."
Then, my mom got a chat with teacher Aumi, my physics teacher. I felt a little bit awkward when my mom have a chat with my teacher, about myslef in class, in front of me. But everything that she had said to my mom, is always positive. I'm glad. She saw my ability, my potential.
Then, walked back to the main hall to see class teacher, Mdm. Mohana Kala of course. I'm shocked, we need to line up! Not as be planned before, the parents is need to put the result slip on a table, and the teacher will pick which slip come first, while the parents wait on the chair. But this time the parents needed to line up. Hayyan lined up, alone, before me, then I asked him, "Where is your parents?" He said, "I'm just lined up on behalf of my parents. When it comes to my turn, I'll call up them." Whatever.
After have a short chat with Mdm. Kala, as she told my parents about my result in English Paper. She advised me to read many English stuff. I told her I read novel. She said novel is not helping so much, try to read articles, magazines, newspaper whatsover. Okay then, I'll do it.
Then, we took a ride to my hostel, to take some of my belonging to be brought to Perak. I'm going back! That is why I could post this posting.

Anyway, it is such a day-that-is-not-dissapointing.
*Got the spirit!*

Going back to school...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Now is the time for giong back to college. Kinda lazy but the excitement cant be resisted. Wanna see my friends, make all the speculation between us end, having better relationship with them and start new semester with greater effort. As SPM candidate, I'll do my best to grab the maximum accheivement in the Exam. And then, make my life as sweet as I can, for the last semester. This is the last chance for me to feel the sweetness of study in school, because there is no more after this.

Slumdog Millionaire

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Since I getting boring and boring at home. I'd think about something. Why didnt I download a movie and watch it? I linked to http://www.mininova.org/ and search for Slumdog Millonaire .torrent file. Everybody said the movie is worth to watch.

And I absolutely agreed with them. This movie are unexpectable. With the intro, when a boy from slum in India, got agonized by the police, because they suspected him on cheating in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Gameshow. How could a boy from slum, being so genius? He only got one question left for getting the highest value offered in the gameshow that is 20 million rupees.

Actually, he isnt that genius. Its all about coincidency. So many coincident. All the question being asked is all the things he had faced in his pathetic life. For example a question about the inventor for a gun. He knew the answer of the question as his big brother ever threating him by pointing a gun and as well he mentioned the gune name. The gun's name had the inventor surname, so he got the idea from it.

Same also with the other question, such as a question asked for a poet of an Indian poem. He got the answer as he ever memorised the poem to be auditioned by someone when he was a little boy. He actually being collected at a dump site by an evil guy, but acted as they were good guy. Want to take care of abandonded kids, ostensibly. His agenda was, search for a talented kids, auditioned them, blind them up with acid, and them sent them to streets for begging. Fortunately he managed to escape with the help of his brother, who witnessed the process when his friends had been blinded by the guys in front of his eyes.

There is also a question he didnt managed to answer. When the question being asked, there was commercial break. The host gave him the answer in the gents. But he didnt believe it 100%. He used the chance gave in the game show, that is 50:50. The answer left is B and D, as the answer given by the host is B. He answer D and he felt very sure that the host cheated him. The host startled. And the answer was right. Since that, he is one question away for being the millionaire. And since that also, he being sent to police station and suspected cheating.

He tell everything about his life, and how he could answered all the question. The police released him and gave him the chance to answer the last question. He lost with the question. Got no idea at all when faced with the last question. He used the last chance, make a phone call. He called his brother, as the number is the only one he knew in his life. Other person on the line, that is his beloved. She had been given the phone by his brother. After asked the question, she said 'I dont know'. What else, he just made a guess. Actually he didnt care the money at all. All he do things is about his past life, within the questions. Thats why he will to take the risk, guess the last question's answer.

The conclusion, the story is not bad and full of suspence. You should watch it if you couldnt understand what Im talking about here. And one more thing, dont judge person by his origin because sometimes his origin helps him a lot.

Trapped in Bored Coccun!

Got a bored life since the holiday. Now I will to attend as much perkampungan ilmu as I can (my head gone crazy now). But anyway, I got my own blog, then, it is no wrong to post anything. After having a brain-squeezing session, I got something to write, about my boredness in the holiday.

After having quite hectic, but advantegeous perkampungan ilmu for 5 days, and it had ended on Wednesday, I think I'll be free. But it is not.

Having a visit to Low Yat with Q-Bear, thought it will cheer me up, but, not really. Just gave my legs fatigue. Only one thing, I got my mom's birthday present at KL Central KTM Station. A braclet. Huhu~

Than, staying at Omar's at night, all of Kisasian are there, I mean only 5 person was there (the other had gone from Kisas as they got chance to get away as soon as at the noon), they was me and Q-Bear of course, Uzair, Aiman, and form 4 dude from Thariq.. urgh, I forgot his name (short term memory). I got 'Vamprha' novel in my grip, and the night wasn't boring, I guess, with the reading material. Time for bed, and for your information, it not ended like 'we sleep and wake up merrily next morning'. It was annoying night. Mosquitoes was everywhere. I felt like having a night beside the composting site, but quite different, with all flies replaced by mosquitoes. Once one of it landed on our skin, the part will getting red. Seriously, its irritating!
These are steps for avoiding us from the harrasing situstion.
*First step, made a move, from the lobby to C105 room. It not working.
*Second step, wearing a blanket. It not working. (why should i wearing a blanket when it is not cold at all?)
*Third step, final and only me do this, go to C103 room, switch on the light, spray the 'Glade' air freshner all over the room until the air thick with the spray vapour (sorry Izz, Hizrey and basri :D, I couldnt find aerosol) , then sleep. It... working I guess.

Next morning, Aiman woke me up, and I got up, took ablution, being imam for the Subh prayer. Next, Q-Bear and I having nasi lemak from the Haji Mad stall next to our dormitory compund.
Than, Q-Bear left the dormitory compund first, and than me. I have a ride with Iftitah to Puduraya Bus Station. Then, I took a ride with Transnational Bus to Manjung at 1.30 p.m, 3 hours right after Iftitah left me behind at 11.30 a.m. (its geting boring isnt it? but i dont care, this is my blog).

At home. With hectic young brothers and sisters. Cant have a calm holiday. But it doesnt matter. Its hard to have this kind of moment at Kisas.

Then, went to my hometown, at Teluk Intan. Also, having boring days there, but i met my beloved grandma, it kind of relief, very miss her. What is my activity? Continue Vamprha, watching televison, and sleep, not forget, eat. Something benificial? Change the bathroom bulb... ya..

Then came back home. As usual when I'm at home, got sticking to my precious PC. My life at home became broad with the Net. Having chat with my friends until late night, I mean morning. Updating my songs folder (got 30++ new songs!). Day by day, doing the same things, what else? Boring, again. (how about study?)

Liyana, my cousin asked me to join Physics class in the morning, organized by my former school teacher. I told her, 'ok, maybe I can join', but it ended with overslept to noon. She asked me for 3 days, 3 session. Huhu~ At last she said 'up to you la...', obviously fed up. Never mind, I dont think I can turn on the study mode on this holiday. Perkampungan ilmu is enough for me, my school holiday revisions.

Now, waiting for the school season again. Second semester. Cant wait.

By, Daniel, boy in boredom.