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Friday, October 8, 2010

1. Perhaps you will be thinking about my sorrow, or I'm having a sad moment when glancing at the title above. No actually.

2. Indeed, I got my firsit-time-in-my-life experience at the REAL waterfall! MyEm0.Com

3. Jeram Linang, located almost 50KM from the varsity, and our group of 11 students managed to rent two Kancil cars to trip there. On mine, we got 5 students, Farid, Ariff, Asqal, Zulkifli and myself of course, where the other one consisted Lutfi, Fakhrul Islam, Furqan, Ghazali, Anas, and Haikal. Congested one. MyEm0.Com

4. While we having the happy on-the-way journey, a couple of policemen jumped into us. Unexpectedly. MyEm0.Com He had condemned about Lutfi, the driver of the first car as he's forgotten to fasten his seatbelt. Okey, thank God they was not really mind about it, just gave off some advices. And let us free. But I realized something. No 'P' sticker at the back of ours. No... they didn't realized it. Haha.

5. The journey continued for about a hour and a half, approximately, real enthusiasm and finally, we've arrived.

6. Amazed, stunted, confused. There were so many pool of waterfall there, just needed to be wise to select the right one as it should be not too deep. Vitally. MyEm0.Com

7. Here I've enclosed some photograph of the occasion. Don't be jealous.

8. Cool, huh? MyEm0.Com