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Bookfair: Drive Me Crazy; Mad; Insane!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tired. Fatigued leg. That's all I could express when I spending my hours in PTWC Kuala Lumpur recently. For what? Books, of course. By then, let me tell about the schedule since I stepped my feet on the capital of Malaysia.

Actually I've planned for International Bookfair since I've joined my college trip last year. Since I got limited notes (no money for simple word), I could only buy limited reading materials. So, I've promised to myself, I'll going to make my own trip to PWTC by myself next year. And, alhamdulillah, I've made it. By the way, Wan Amir, the most controversial boy in SMKSM, went along too.

We took our bus in 12.15 a.m, March 27 in Seri Manjung Bus Station. I thought the Transnational Bus will come a little bit as it usually done, but that night, it arrived unusually punctual. Right on time, not too early, not too late. Haha. So, we took the rode, happily, and Wan Amir going along his with lappy, then we could enjoy movie on the bus. Slumdog Millionaire. We had arrived in Puduraya Station around 3.30 a.m. Now what we going to do? Sleep? No. We stayed in KFC, 24 hours nearby reading some magazines instead of having post-midnight meal by buying sandwich cost RM4.50 each, blood sucker sandwich until Subh. We prayed in newly renovated musolla on the 2nd floor of the Puduraya station. So cold in there, like freezer.

Until we could see the sunrise as we began our walk to PWTC. Direct to the World Trade Center. Having several minutes in Rapid Monorail, then having mistake while taking KTM train made us changed our train twice, where Wan Amir was so excited about it. Never have a ride. Then, this is it. PWTC. When we were there on that time, nobody was there. Countable people actually. We decided to left somewhere all our luggage but don't know where. Nothing such lockers provided there. So, we managed to left them in musolla there. Haha, on a shoe rack. We put those stuff beneath it, with a plank on top of it, so nobody could realize there was something there.

We go around and around and around. This place was a terrible. So congested with people. Hard to have a free walk. And for sure. You cannot preventing yourself having skin contact with other people. Alas~ yeah, you know when you got stuck in there, you won't run over those people right? So, just wait 'till the traffic cleared by then you could went through smoothly.

We was there since 8.00 a.m. 'till a little bit after Asr prayer. since then, I jumped into Zuhair, Faran Lokman, And two of baitul qura' friends of them (since they doesn't introduced to me at all, huhu. Not forget, Husaini. And also, Bro Fendy. The most important KISASian I've met was Dr. Asri. So honored to met him. We had shook hand too (blimey, I blinked my eyes when the flashes stroke..).

When, I was searching for ATM there, since the one provided in the building was running out of cash, so I had to find another. Then, I go to The Mall, the lane was like hell. Soooooo long. Oh, My God, I grumbled. I thought, if I join the queue, the money will finishes before I get myself in front of the machine. Huh, very testing my patient. On my way to the Mall, I've jumped into Safan, who willingly let me stay in his house 'till I continue my ride next day back to Perak. He shocked as I called his name. Huhu. Then, I said I was searching for ATM since the one in PWTC unreliable, then we splited our way. I've promised to called him whenever we've done. So do him.

The other way round situation happened. Not exactly like we've planned. I jumped into my cousin that stayed in Segambut. She was walking around alone for the Bookfair, and since Wan Amir and I waited for Safwan as he didn't performed his prayer yet, so we had to wait for him beside the Mall building right against the Pizza Hut window. I noticed Ayu (her name) presence, so I waved to her. She screamed once she saw me and about to jump on me. Seemed so happy. I told he that I'm going to stay in Safwan's so I could not troubling her parents by staying in her's. She kept pushing me, and wanted me badly to stay in her house, beside Safwan's. Gosh. I'm in a middle now. How could i told Safwan about this? Nah, he's cool man. Yes, he was, as he said it wasn't a problem by then. Haha. Only me who easily felt guilty. Idayu also blamed me, why didn't called her? Just like I said, I just won't troubling her parents. That's all. By the way, Safwan told me he going to take me to KISAS, for some purpose. But then, I needed to cancel all the plans. Never mind. It's not wrong having time in your family's member house. Not usual thing we can do always.

We spend a night there, and I managed to make a visit to my aunt's house nearby. She prepared some dishes. We also having chat.

Next day, I woke up late after Subh, contra as Wan Amir was bright-eyed early and managed to buy newspaper from the store nearby. Just felt very tired since I didn't have sleep since 3.30 a.m. Huhu. Then we have our breakfast and planned to go back to the Bookfair to buy some books more, especially Wan Amir was so eager to buy recipe books for his mother. Cake and cookies stuff. As we thought, congested, and worst than before. Wan Amir claimed, he didn't expected Malaysian have the interest in books, moreover most of them was youngsters.

Then, we rode back by KTM, arrived in Segambut and once we got ourselves in the house, we had lunch, packed up and we rode back to the bus station, return back to Perak.

By the way, I think I should list up all the books that I managed to buy from the fair.

First day:

1. Rahsia Kemunculan Dajal - the most expensive book I managed to bought
2. 99 Solat Sunat Lengkap
3. Berbicara Cara Nabi
4. Menyeru Kepada Allah
5. Lirael - huge fantasy novel
6. Aku gadis Mistik - novel for my sister
7. Diari Mat Despatch - for my sister too

Second day:

1. Atlas An-nahu Al-arabih - grammar for arabic
2. Bersolek (Tabarruj) - this one for my mum

Anyway, this time, I felt satisfied even though not much books I could buy. My salary almost finished for this trip. No problem, as I could fulfilled my plan. Alhamdulillah also, my plan was fulfilled by the Great Planner. Praise to be Him.

P/S: Fye also kept calling me for books. And I managed to buy him some as he had banked-in some cash for it. For Amirul who demanding book of Hilal Asyraf, I'm sorry, I couldn't found any.

My life recently.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Recently, I've going through my life as I thought was, not really bad. In fact, I'm glad with my life now. I could not deny some obstacles and test from God, but I think there was some benefit from it. Only He knows.

I've never post anything about my SPM's result here since I’ve fetch it, so I think I should do it now. Yeah, for you information, I passed with flying colours in the well-known-hard test among Malaysian students. Praise to be Him, because of His permission, and then I got this kind of result. Frankly speaking, I’m a bit envy with my other friends which got better and excellent result, but I think this was enough for me. Stop grumble and grateful with what you got. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah, all praises to Allah.

Since then, I started to think about my future. When I’m going to further my study? Scholarship? Preparation for interview, and much more. This time, I really want to make everything run smooth as possible. I had resigned from the store, and then started to concentrate to these.

Besides having much time on the net, for having a peek to the courses available to be chosen, I had also asking to my friends and seniors for any extra information. Really appreciated them By then I also got many advices from my former teachers, such as Mr. Huzairy and Mdm. Rodziah. Frankly speaking, I have no idea with all these stuff, scholarship, furthering studies blah, blah, blah, at the beginning. Now at least I have some figure to guide me for these-new-kind-of-stuff and credit to everyone who helped me a lot. Thanks you guys!

I think maybe I should express this appreciation specifically.

1. All praises to God, Allah for this result. I knew I’ve put much effort for this, but only He have the right to fulfill it.

2. My parents especially my mother. Love her so much and I promised I'll provide a better life for you, insyaAllah. My dad, and my stepmother thanks for all of your support.

3. My teachers miss all of you! Thank you for the guidance, and really put much sacrifice for our victory.

4. My friends, helped me a lot in studies and life. I can’t forget you’ll until death.

5. Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah. This place really opened up my eyes about the world nowadays.

I knew the entire obstacle and all the happiness that being faced day by day, in our life was test from Allah. He just wants us to remind about Him and stay at the right path. He will no give something that we couldn’t bear, and I just kept reminding myself that, He will always be there. Just pray to him, and believe in Him. Nothing else.

By the way, congratulations to all my friend for the flying colours results, and whose didn’t got targeted result, don’t be sad and kept up the effort. Maybe there’s benefit from it, and only Allah knew it. Kept saying your gratefulness to Him and pray a lot for preventing any sedition from Satan. Life must be go on, and make sure the way was kept on the right path.

So, how’s my life will going to be after this? Only Allah knew. Hoped the best from Him.

My last day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today was the day. The day that I waited, just like the day I waited for a job. I free now. Free from work, command and boring request. Haha. Actually I've been asked for resign from the store. I cannot make the sincere out of my heart anymore. I couldn't done any work without mumble and grumble. I'm boring, tired. Yeah, as long I've experience to be a worker, doing many harsh work and always being tired and fed up, hold the unwillingness feeling on and on. No, I couldn't take it anymore.

I had told Mrs. Pei Pei for the resign, in the beginning of the week. She said, yes, you can, but make sure all books that should be returned to the publisher all have been packed up. Then I just said okay. I had managed to packed all PEP Publication books (total: 9 boxes, phew!), then it had been taken away by the person in-charge, Mr. Johari, the one who drove the unwashed lorry to load stocks from the main store in Sabak Bernam, took those boxes away to the publisher. Then, she asked me more, how about Cerdik Publication's books? Thanks God, sis Julie had done all the job, checking, either packing. Huhu.Thanks to her. After that, she gave me green light to leave. I asked her for my salary, she said, next Monday, after 3 p.m. Afraid she'll be busied by the customers. Alright then, just okay. I'll be there next Monday. Hoped I got satisfying salary.

Not only that. There was drama behind all of this. Not easy as these. Mr. Chia (now I know the real spelling of my employer's name.. hehe), doesn't know anything about this. Just now, when the store was nearly to be closed, he asked me to continue the work that had been asked by him: next week. I just let him be. Not denying anything, just agreed with him. Poor him. Then I asked Mr. Lee, my second employer for confirmation.vHe don't know anything. Auch! Suddenly I felt guilty. How come Mrs. Pei Pei didn't tell him? Then, I just go.. and left the store, my last day been over.

But now, Mr. Chia had been informed by me through the phone. I really in guilty. I seek for his apology, thrice, and he said it's okay. Just settled down those salary stuff an so on with Mrs. Pei Pei, he said. By then, I felt relieved. Thanks Mr. Chia for everything.

Even though those people, the other workers there may not read this blog, but then, I really want to express my appreciation towards all of you for your co-operation during  the time I was a part of Chiew Books and Sports.
1. Shahrul. He helped me a lot in the store. Lifting boxes. Checking books. Arranging stuff, many things.
2. Sis Yana. She guide me in every single things in the store. How to do this, how to do that. And she also willing to buy me a drink when she's on her break.
3. Morgana. Always cheer me up. She's very effective worker and hardworking. Huhu. Thanks for your support!
4. Sis Umaa. Always asked me to help her doing he medals' stuff. I'm glad to help her! Very nice and kind person.
5. Sis Ding. Cheer and active woman. Always teasing me, making such jokes, and the place for me to ask for goods' bar code.
6. Sis Ana. Having marriage breaks apparently. Actually I always argued with her, because of the attitude, hard to feel respect to other person. Yes, that's her weakness, but then she taught me many things about life. There were such person in anywhere. We just need to prepare to handle that kind of person.
7. Sis Julie. She's really sweet, nice. Since I've been replacing Syafiq (the other worker who had been resigned earlier), my things had been done with her. All about books. She never gave up when guiding me, even though I've frequently making mistakes. Thanks Sis, I'll remember you always.
8. Syafiq, Fatin Syazwani and Mona Fatin. Ex-employees there. Since we was in the same age, peer, we having time like youth in the store, including Shahrul. Exchange stories, cannot be doubt.
9. Mr. & Mrs. Lee (Pei Pei). A spouse who was hardworking. Thanks for everything.
10. Mr. Chia. Thanks for the ride in all around the district. (delivering books and goods to schools. Hehe)

Undeniable, Chiew Books and Sports gave a lot of experiences for me, even only having one and a half month there. Everything happened around me in there was a valuable moment and can't be gotten anywhere else. Thanks everyone, and farewell guys.

Gotta go.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yet, after 3 months of wait, full of suspense, full of wonder and not forget, full of relaxation, now, this is it. The result at last, will be known just a few days ahead. I can't hold back my nervous feeling, once I make myself to think about the day, 11th March 2010, I could feel my heart pump in higher rate drastically for a few seconds. Seriously, I cannot expect anything this time. But, well, I always hoped the best.

Gosh, the wait really an agony, especially within this few suffering days to the day. I'm so afraid. I've been hoping too much for this. Made me really anxious. All I could do now was, pray, pray and pray. I'm so grateful because there were many of person here willing to pray for my success. Infinity thanks for them. I'm really appreciate it and I would not forget all of you. May Allah grant all your wishes.

Let's accent this prayer for our success.
*credit to ILuvIslam for the illustration.

O Allah, we're facing our day of judgment in this world, after we've been putting all of the efforts along the years in KISAS. We're hoping that You'll give the best result for us, the best in Your way. Please, put away all the arrogant, proud and any other negative attitude from us when you give a victory to us, and make ourselves be grateful, and humble. O Allah, if You've been destined that we doesn't achieve anything that we hoped for, please give us the strength and don't make us feel very regretful and awful. Please Allah, put the victory on our side, make 11A's in our hands, KISAS as No.1 for SPM for the entire country, and especially, put the name of 'Islam' at the top. O Allah, only You knew the best things for us and please make us realize that all of the fate that destined by You was the perfect and the most right ways for us, O Allah, the Merciful and Loving God.

My first salary. Happy or sad? Either?

Friday, March 5, 2010

*These was only my heart talking.

Now, I wanna to type off what I'm feeling right now. After my employer hand over my first salary. Even though I've been published this post to this blog, means that it probably readable for anyone. Actually I prefer not to let everyone to read this but I knew, only a some who was concerned and willing to visit this boring blog. And I decided not to send this post's link to my Facebook as I used to do with the other posts before.

It was a wait. A little bit not more than the wait that I had felt while waiting for having a job since coming back home from KISAS. As the first day of March peeked the week, the wait was began. Waiting for my right. For the change of my strength that had been used as much as I can to the book store for the greater service. Finally my employee only hand over the cash 4 days after that. I got RM 456.15 for the past month's salary. (Basic salary RM 500.00, deducted by RM 41.60, for the Chinese New Year holiday and RM 2.25 for SOCSO, a kind of insurance, by these, I got my salary).

Then, not only that, since I had been hired by my employer by 25th January, I got extra for the extra days. I got RM 96.25 (5 days on the Jan's times RM 19.25 per day). Total salary: RM 456.15 + RM 96.25 = RM 552.40. Huhu, seems not bad huh.

What I've been planned before?
Many. I mean, not too many and not too special. This was my list that I've been jot down on my Papermate Sticky Note.
1. New wrist watch
2. Facial Cleanser
3. Water gloss hair wax.
4. Deodorant.
5. Replace my spectacle's lens. (I'm getting blurred)
6. Buy Zehann's novel online.
7. New haircut.
8. New keyboard, mouse for the computer.
9. New earpiece for my MP3. 
Approximately: RM 250.
I also planned to:
1. Sent a hundred to my dad.
2. Give a hundred to my mom.
3. Treat my family.
4. Bank in around a hundred or hundred and a half for days in Klang.
Approximately: RM 300

But, this list just remained listed. I didn't think these could be fulfilled. This was my new list:
1. New wrist watch.
2. New haircut.
3. Some toiletries.
4. Expenditure for my trip to Klang for the SPM result. For 3 days.
*And I only got RM 200

I did call my mom before she arrived to catch me up from work and I'm saying, "Mom, let's go to KFC tonight." She seems glad in her voice. Then, when I told her I got RM 550+ when riding the car, she said she's tired, next time we can spend time there.

She got a hundred and she needed a hundred more for paying car installment. Total: RM 200. I knew, the real value needed was RM 300. Then I noticed, goods in our house was getting finished. I only got RM 550+, so what I need to do??

I had made a decision. I'll takes RM 200 and the rest I'll hand it to my mom. And I've done it. I just able to fulfilled the THIRD LIST with this RM 200. Plus, for my way to KISAS back. This situation made me a little bit upset.

Then, I kept telling myself. Be grateful, be grateful. Try to be grateful to Allah, better than nothing. And I've made it. I'm really grateful with what I've got now. But I can't hide the other feeling out of my heart. Kind of disappointed. I worked hard, and faced many tough work, I felt like this was not worth it. Yes, I admit that through all the days on the store, I also tried to make myself done the best, and to be sincere. So, the tire was not seems to appear. But, I still could feel the hard work. Anyway,  mine was not bad enough compared to my friends. They only got RM 450+.

The only things I wanna expressed here, that I'm so sad for the not-could-be-fulfilled-list. Huhu. Never mind, maybe next time. InsyaAllah, I'll get a better tomorrow.

O Allah, I'm not trying to grumble what had been fated for me. I'm just expressing what I felt. Please, I beg You, Please strengthen my faith for facing any of your test, forgive my sins, and may all the things happened hided some hikmah(meaning). Put away any sedition of the Devil that could made me lost, and being ungrateful. Amin...