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My life recently.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Recently, I've going through my life as I thought was, not really bad. In fact, I'm glad with my life now. I could not deny some obstacles and test from God, but I think there was some benefit from it. Only He knows.

I've never post anything about my SPM's result here since I’ve fetch it, so I think I should do it now. Yeah, for you information, I passed with flying colours in the well-known-hard test among Malaysian students. Praise to be Him, because of His permission, and then I got this kind of result. Frankly speaking, I’m a bit envy with my other friends which got better and excellent result, but I think this was enough for me. Stop grumble and grateful with what you got. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah, all praises to Allah.

Since then, I started to think about my future. When I’m going to further my study? Scholarship? Preparation for interview, and much more. This time, I really want to make everything run smooth as possible. I had resigned from the store, and then started to concentrate to these.

Besides having much time on the net, for having a peek to the courses available to be chosen, I had also asking to my friends and seniors for any extra information. Really appreciated them By then I also got many advices from my former teachers, such as Mr. Huzairy and Mdm. Rodziah. Frankly speaking, I have no idea with all these stuff, scholarship, furthering studies blah, blah, blah, at the beginning. Now at least I have some figure to guide me for these-new-kind-of-stuff and credit to everyone who helped me a lot. Thanks you guys!

I think maybe I should express this appreciation specifically.

1. All praises to God, Allah for this result. I knew I’ve put much effort for this, but only He have the right to fulfill it.

2. My parents especially my mother. Love her so much and I promised I'll provide a better life for you, insyaAllah. My dad, and my stepmother thanks for all of your support.

3. My teachers miss all of you! Thank you for the guidance, and really put much sacrifice for our victory.

4. My friends, helped me a lot in studies and life. I can’t forget you’ll until death.

5. Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah. This place really opened up my eyes about the world nowadays.

I knew the entire obstacle and all the happiness that being faced day by day, in our life was test from Allah. He just wants us to remind about Him and stay at the right path. He will no give something that we couldn’t bear, and I just kept reminding myself that, He will always be there. Just pray to him, and believe in Him. Nothing else.

By the way, congratulations to all my friend for the flying colours results, and whose didn’t got targeted result, don’t be sad and kept up the effort. Maybe there’s benefit from it, and only Allah knew it. Kept saying your gratefulness to Him and pray a lot for preventing any sedition from Satan. Life must be go on, and make sure the way was kept on the right path.

So, how’s my life will going to be after this? Only Allah knew. Hoped the best from Him.

5 people respond:

amierul said...

hurm..syukur je la syed dane..tapi cuba ko pk dalam 2 n sejenak ni,cbe ko bndgkan ko ngn arif amin...die sealim uh allah uji ngn tak dapat st8 a,tapi dia tetap yakin dgn jnji Allah bhw dia pasti aq berjaya,begitu juga dgn kita,jgnlah bila berjaya ko cakap"mngkin inilah setimpal ngn apa yg aq lakukan"..tu betul tapi sebaiknya kita tingkatkan segala amalan kita..huhu..wallahua'llam.,

SyDanny~ said...

yer2 aku akuinyer..
kagum ngan dier.
bukan ape, aku mmg bersyukur, sgt2 dan giler2
just expressing my true feeling
ko pun paham kan??

fye said...

Allah knows best!

E-ZuDiN said...

syd dan, aku setuju ngan ko.. ape yg ko express nie bg aku sgt2 tulus and straight from ur heart.. thnks because it does touch my heart~

wallahua'lam.. btw, congratulation!!

SyDanny~ said...

thanks izz...

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