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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yet, after 3 months of wait, full of suspense, full of wonder and not forget, full of relaxation, now, this is it. The result at last, will be known just a few days ahead. I can't hold back my nervous feeling, once I make myself to think about the day, 11th March 2010, I could feel my heart pump in higher rate drastically for a few seconds. Seriously, I cannot expect anything this time. But, well, I always hoped the best.

Gosh, the wait really an agony, especially within this few suffering days to the day. I'm so afraid. I've been hoping too much for this. Made me really anxious. All I could do now was, pray, pray and pray. I'm so grateful because there were many of person here willing to pray for my success. Infinity thanks for them. I'm really appreciate it and I would not forget all of you. May Allah grant all your wishes.

Let's accent this prayer for our success.
*credit to ILuvIslam for the illustration.

O Allah, we're facing our day of judgment in this world, after we've been putting all of the efforts along the years in KISAS. We're hoping that You'll give the best result for us, the best in Your way. Please, put away all the arrogant, proud and any other negative attitude from us when you give a victory to us, and make ourselves be grateful, and humble. O Allah, if You've been destined that we doesn't achieve anything that we hoped for, please give us the strength and don't make us feel very regretful and awful. Please Allah, put the victory on our side, make 11A's in our hands, KISAS as No.1 for SPM for the entire country, and especially, put the name of 'Islam' at the top. O Allah, only You knew the best things for us and please make us realize that all of the fate that destined by You was the perfect and the most right ways for us, O Allah, the Merciful and Loving God.