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Monday, June 4, 2012

Salam alaykum wbt.. Good day.

In order to have better things to be happened totally within our need and desire, we lie. Most of us had experienced these during the childhood, keep silent for the broken vase, let the examination paper stay under the bed, and put the guilty for the spill on somebody else. That's the way child do to avoid parental act, punishment to be exact. Childish huh?

I love to write something meaningful, contented Stuff. Truly I'm such an observant. And indeed, I found out that this dirty wicked act doesn't happened only about the underage society. Yet, the other who really used to this done unimaginably worse deception.

I will never point out who, which and what is about because its now become too general. Our society really, I rather said here, live in something that being made up to cover up the unpleasant truth. Yes, the worst thing that could happened is happening just right under your nose. Poor for some of us, they were easily blinded.

Yes, they had agenda. To let things happend just the way it ought to no matter the circumstances. Sometimes, they consider many things earlier, having detailed plan, arrange everything so they will have them in the places perfectly before it get occured perfectly. The most crucial part, having back up to cover up those if any worst case scenario would come across in unanticipated shocking way.

Another type of deceit act occur in the moment of desperation. Nothing but to distract public attention toward some delusions.

Power, desireness, desperation lead to the deception. People will do unexpected thing to ensure other people's perceptions will never be the threatening one, yet convincing. Put them in a secure position.

One major thing I dislike about the act is when it consider others right and life. When it comes into those, the consequences would be tremendously awful. They will never care about any bad things that usually come along as long the benefits roll over for them. Israel is most exact and global example.

In Islam, deception is considered to be one of the worst thing to do to let yourself possessed by sins. The Prophet sayings mentioned about this, as one of the characters of the munafeek (hypocrite).

I'm really sick of those people which really get used in decieving, stay put in their pathetic manner by putting a lie on top of another lie to cover up the previous one. When it reached a certain limit, when everything's no longer working and the deception itself finally tells the truth, those people still on their position, doing pretty
much terrible things to do by commiting slender.

Well, these were the act of people who say that the satisfaction do come from themselves, by playing hard to get. Selfish and ungrateful kind. Ain't they worst than a child?