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Nilam Puri

Friday, June 11, 2010

23rd of May 2010, I came across the Peninsular of Malaysia, from Perak to Kelantan for attending the registration day in University of Malaya in Nilam Puri, Kelantan. I'm taking Islamic Study with Science course here, which was my second choice in my UPU list when filling up the form online. Actually, I became so down to the Earth after knowing that I'm not pass the qualification for JPA's scholarship for pursuing my study in Biotechnology field overseas. T_T.

Now, here, I'm in Nilam Puri, Kelantan. At my first view, I'm impressed about the look of this well-known university. Don't be shocked because University of Malaya have 13 campuses all around the Malaysia, and one of them was where I'm living now, in Nilam Puri. My perspective about this campus before having time here was: nothing, boring and I might be cannot make myself survive n a fortnight. But then, after more then a fortnight having time here, with new friends, all the thought vanished, abolish and deminished. Haha. This campus really have many similarities to KISAS, my former college. The five uniques and so on... really miss it.

Now, I'm situated in Majmu'ah 10 (tenth class of students here). The classification of students here was divided into 2, Majmu'ah 1 until 8 was Islamic Study students (which taking Syariah, Usuluddin and Islamic Education course, all mixed up) and Majmu'ah 9 and 10 was Islamic Study with Science students was situated. So, I'm in Majmu'ah 10. And the most surprising part, I'm becoming their leader, also guess what, who was my assistant, Siti Fatimah Zahra bt Tube, from 509 2009. Huhu.

So far so good, and I'm started to fall in love with this campus, the studies, lecturers and the environment. The most precious thing was, the bi'ah solehah, which so hard to find in anywhere in any place in the Malaysia especially. Ukhuwwah, even though not as strong as in KISAS, but I bet we could develop the love among us, ukhuwwah fillah abadan abada in the period of one year onward here, insyaAllah.

And for sure too, I'll staying here until the middle of the year of 2011, as I didn't pass again the qualification for JPA scholarship as they gave second chance earlier for second application. Second round of sadness occured for a while then I felt very grateful as I've freed from any dilema anymore. Islamic study was my path now. Not forgotten, Science study always in my heart.

Okay then, that's all for now. I'll tell about my studies next time. Subjects, lecturers and so on. May be some pictures too perhaps.