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Pictures of Hollis Woods.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've bought a book, I mean a masterpiece of Patricia Reilly Giff, or in other word, a novel entitled Pictures of Hollis Woods when I was in KISAS in 2009, last year. Urm, actually, when I observing the Scholastic's catalogue, I've no any intention to buy this book, as the front cover was not attractive at all, it just made the buyers have the first expression, the bad one, toward the content, by the cover. So do I, at first I thought this book wasn't interesting at all, maybe the boring one. Despite I had a thought like that, yet I managed to buy a copy. Just to make the overall total of purchase of RM30. Haha. I forgot how much it cost.

Anyway, I'll write some overview about this book here. Pictures of Hollis Woods was a story of a 12-year-old girl named Hollis Woods, who was an orphan that had been left by her parents with only a note, said 'Just call her Hollis Woods'. She owned an outstanding talent; drawing. She really demanding a family. Then, at the age of 12, she's being adopted by a family, Regan family. Being a part of the family made her felt the pleasure of having her own family. But she's always worried about the relationship between the Old Man, his adopted father and his son, Steven, her adopted brother which seems cold. She thought that her present was creating the mess. Then she made an escape back to the orphanage house, then she's being adopted by an old women named Josie. She's really liked the Regan family, making her wondering, were they accept her back to their family if she come to them back?

My comment for this novel, this novel wasn't so great. No any outstanding plot or surprising event or unexpected one. Just monotone, without climax (or there was one, just me can't detect it's presence). I'm not sure this kind of novel suitable for what kind of person, 'cause this novel was just dull. Just read the novel if you want to know more (but I bet nobody desperate to have even a glimpse at the novel after I'm saying this).

Anybody want to have a read on it? Contact me. InsyaAllah I'll lend it to you.

P/S: The cover looked boring, isn't it?

My Blog.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Why I'm involved in blogging?
Influence. My friends got into blogging, and so do I. I thought this another way of getting yourself on the net was really great. Besides Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, and many other interesting social web pages, I thought I couldn't lose anything for trying blogging. And now, I got my own blog, blog of a beginner. This one.

Why I'm using English in my blog?
I want to conquer the language that I've learnt since I was in the kindergarten. It doesn't meant that I loved and admired or really liked this international language, not at all. I just wanna be strong in it, make it my second language and the most important, I could have the skills to communicate with the foreigners. Hah, skills. Communicating skills. Knowing the language was not enough without the skills. Even thought my English was not good enough until then, yes, I realized it, I still gonna make it as my blog's language, so that I could practice, at least in writing. I could speak a bit, and I'm still in learning phase. But then, I still using Malay on the shoutbox beside. Huhu~

What was the feedback from the others to this blog?
Before that, the majorities of my blog's viewers was my friends in KISAS, and not forgotten, some of my friends from Seri Manjung. A very bit of them really liked my blog, and understand me, why I did these and those in here and they also supported me. They made me felt I'm very lucky to have them. Some words from them really put a strength on me. Negative feedback, I couldn't see any until now. Out of some of my friends that I mentioned before just not criticize nor expressing any unsatisfactory towards my blog. They just kept in silence.

How about the visitors?
Only a few, countable. I thought I need to put more effort in publicizing my blog in other web pages, and I've done some in Facebook. But then, still, less visitors. I think I know why. Because of the lingua franca here. I wrote in English, so they felt my post just wasting their time. They need to read one by one, and paragraph by paragraph, to get what I really meant here. I'm not blaming them, I knew, this was just unfavorable. They more rather prefer blogs that using simple language, Malay, 'sempoi'  and not complicated. Essay-like blog like mine? Duh~ I do have made a visit to other's blog. They more prefer fancy, colourful, using many emoticon, and highlighting there and here with many type of colours, and most of them made their post in align center. I'm not them, sorry. (I also found out a trend where some blogger put dropping object in their blog, I think, it just messing up your blog..)

These some of FAQ for my blog. Some of the reader/visitors may like or dislike my blog page, but I don't care. This is my blog and I've right to publicizing anything that I want, in my own way. If you want to criticize, go on, comment on the post or just post some quotes on the shoutbox. Simple. Thanks for any courageous  comment. I really appreciate that. For the haters, kept your hatred feeling by yourself, I don't care. Haha.