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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just now I had joined a trip to National Science Centre in Kuala Lumpur. Just butt in among the members of Profession Club member, but I don't care, I've invested RM 20 for the trip. So I suggested that I am not a interruptor.

Being there is kinda.. I dont know. I dont feel anything. This time is my 4th visit to the centre. So, no wonder I felt fimiliar to the environment of the PSN compund. Just one thing, an addition exhibition being held, that is SURVIVOR: SAVE OUR EARTH. Let me tell you what is the exhibition is all about.

It is actually about the future, in 2050. We as a visitor needed to give idea how we will gonna survive or in other word, stay alive a a living things on the surface of the earth whilst the earth is getting sick (related to pollutions, natural disaster etc.). And all of this unpleasure phenomenons is no doubt to be said: made by human hands. So, we needed to contribute the idea how to make our life better with the smart use of energy, how kind house needed to be built and how to manufacture future food. A lot of intreactive stuff being arranged there (actually a few, I mean very few).

I've tried some of the interactive machines, such as food generated simulation (needed us to manufacture future food, and I've managed to manufacture a bean.. somthing I've forgot). Then, we've tried the food distribution computer simulation (similar to the kids games, catch the flying things.. boring), and one more thing, a machine that required us to built our future-like home. This is the picture while I'm using the phone to follow the instructions by the machine.

Ok then, thats all I could tell you now. The acsses room is gonna be closed. Next time I'll post something that is not hanging.

Shift a Paradigm

Monday, July 20, 2009

Now I had a better way to study. Using technologies (14 days to trial, so you want to begin now?) Ah, let me be. As long I have an initiative. I will go to the Access Room every evening, then surfing the net. Searching anything related to the syllabus, weather it is related to Sciences subjects or religious subject. Haha, I think this gonna be interesting.

Counting Days for Trial

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Argh~! Trial is around the corner. Whut the hell?! I'm not completely ready yet. But be positive. Optimistic. Think what are you doing all the days. Sleep. Chatting with mates. Than? What about study? Ok, now I know why it's worrying me. I've done nothing. Erk, I think better describe it, you doing less effort for the trial, Daniel.

Ok, I can start by now. By in front the computer. Wikipedia. Yeah, it helps actually. But I don't have any mood for that. Erm, 16 days by now for trial. Better plan what to do next.


1. Complete all the homeworks first. (make sure by tonight!)
2. Start the rivisions by Sciences subject first, by tomorrow. (of course Phyz, Bio, and Chemist)
3. Then by subjects that require so many calculations. (Add Math my fav. Trigo, Math included)
4. Next, language-kind-of-subject (priority on Arabic, then English, not least Malay)
5. Finally, religious studies (Quran and Sunnah, Syaria)
6. And, the most increadible hard-and-really-make-me-dead-subject, HISTORY! (I think 2 days for whole Form syllibus is enough)

All of this should be done in 16 days. I'm gonna make it.

Now, about the targets.

1. BM - A1
2. BI - B3
3. BA - A2
4. PHY - A2
5. CHEM - A1
6. BIO - A1
7. ADD MATH - A1
8. MATH - A1
9. PSI - A1
10. PQS - A1
11. HISTORY - B3

Pray for me luck! Please God help me, I need your help.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Today was a fun day. Even though I felt a little bit down this morning, because of a friend of mine, I mean I assume him a my best friend talk about something that hurt me. I thought i became too sensitive perhaps, so i ignored the broken-hearted side of me. Or maybe he only wanna make jokes or teasing me. He still my friend. Whatever. Whatever it takes.

The other problem is the lack of dancer for 'Makan Beradap' ceremony that will be held on next Tuesday. Everybody kept refused to perform in the day to dance the Johor Traditional Dance, Zapin. Thank God, there are some person who will to be co-operative with me. Afiq, Abg Adib and most contribution that I will appreciate the most is from Amirul and Syinon (Thariqian~!).

Here how the practice being held. We managed ourselves in the former stuff room on the third floor of the Block A. Even though the room like having tornado last night, with papers scattered all over the floor, we still thought the room is the suitable place for the practice. So, the practice begun.

We managed ourselves to arrange steps for the Zapin half away for this moment. So, we planned to continue the rest this night. I hoped so much, this will be worthed. Only 2 days away for the ceremony.

'Makan Beradap', I can describe it by one word. TENSION!


Hectic Malay Subject

Friday, July 3, 2009

Today, I'm posted this post in smart Lab, KISAS. My Malay Language Teacher, Mdm. Khazanah getting fed up for the not-interesting-observer that will observe her. Just imagine, this is the fourth session, the observer postponed the observation that she should carry out. And I bet, she also keep arguing with Smart lab teachers, Ms. Lin and Ms. Lini.
The rehearsal is carried out now. But what i'm doing? Posting this post for my blog.