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Trial is almost done. Home is calling me. And Ramadhan Karim to All Musleems.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I think this is the first time I touch computer since a month. Argh, this feeling is so good. And this day was the days for Physics PaperS~ erm, just nice until now. (I'm actually shaking when thinking about Arabic paper this Wed..).

But then, we will gonna be freed this Fri! Yay! Everybody kept planning what to do at home as if they arrive to their hometown 4 days more. Me? My plans was managing all the notes that had been scattered all around my table, lockers, container and bags. And of coures having some research through the net, something out of the syllabus. I'm just thought that our study is not gonna be interesting if we only just stuck to the syllabus that had been organized by the government, using the textbook. Sometimes videos helped more.

One more thing, Ramadhan is also around the corner. I cant help myself for being excited to going back home, for the first post-midnight meal and breaking fast with my family in this Ramadhan. Last year, I having all these with my friends in KISAS, and the year was the first year that I celebrated first day of Ramadhan without my mom. Never mind, it actually valuable experience that I should faced as a part of SBP members.

Then, about the everybody-know outbreak that attacking the country nowadays, actually the world, influenza A or H1N1. KISAS became chaotic because of this disease. Just imagine, more that 150 students here got fever, normal fever I mean, as the sprinkles of this outbreak. Recently, a boy , Form 4 from my block in the hostel, said to be positived by the virus. He got the news from his father as he actually having a medical check-up before in a private clinic, and the doctor from the clinic had informed his father that he got the virus. So, out senior assistance of academic, Pn. Haznah, got herself to HIS ROOM to check out his condition by herself. And right that night, preparation class for boys being blocked, for 2 days, and we had been quarantined with mask. Everybody was supplied by mask each.

I'll continue the story next time. The assess room is getting close.