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Boring life at home.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Since I became ex-kisasian, I had a quite a boring life at home. You know, least favourable stuff can be done within the time. This blog also being abandoned in about a fortnight without being renewed by any post. I've no idea what to write, but when its came to it, my idea will spurt out like a waterfall. Below was my daily routine here, in 13, 2C Phase Seri Manjung can-be-known-as-mansion.

1. Wake up very late, my record, the earliest time to wake up in the morning was at 7.00 a.m. I mean after the subh of course. The other days, you know by yourself.
2. Then, make bed for the whole family. Yeah, you know, my mom should be at work at 8 and 3 of my siblings should be at school at 7 something. Me, and my-Form 1-brother left. He usually continue his dream while I'm doing all the stuff.
3. Tidying the dining table. Everyday, the poor table being congested by many mugs, and it was very harassing. Plates, soy sauce, and many more stuff that should not be mentioned. My job is, bring all these stuff to the sink. Make it more tidy and empty, and most important, make it more like dining table.
4. Go to the sink. Wash all the dishes, with a plenty of bubble. Actually, this job need to be done perfectly. The dishes must be out of oily and sticky object, means that it must be perfectly clean. Rubbing those plates, glass or even forks, knives, and spoons as hard as I can was a routine. Quite enjoyable, frankly speaking. Then, I will arrange neatly all those stuff at their places. Last but not least, make sure the sink not being filled with water.
5. Laundry, haha. The easiest things to do. Thanks to the automatic LG washing machine. All I need to do is, collect all the laundry, put in to the washing machine, add some detergent. I used to mix the detergent with water first, for avoiding soap leftover sticking on the clothes. Then, close the lid, press on button, and start button. Not forget to press program and process button simultaneously to lock all the button. My cat always accidentally press those button, so it will disturb the washing process. The machine also be his bed for your information. Now, all I need to do is wait. The washed clothes will be put under the sunshine later, by my sister after she back from school. Yea, my part was done, and I served some for her too.
6. Next, I used to sweep the entire home. Then, I'll scoop out all the trash into the dustbin.
7. Tidying the couch. It have a sheet of cloth covering it, to cover up some crack that formed, as it was an old couch.. huhu. Sometimes, many of my siblings' clothes being scattered on it, and I'll throw it away to their room. Haha!
8. Time for breakfast. Usually, I asked my brother to eat first, that's the priority. Then he can do what he want. Then, I'll eat. The dishes usually being cooked by my mom at the morning, before she go to work. Then, she just left it on the dining table. I'll eat it later. sometimes, if we got extra, she'll buy some at the food stalls before go to work.
9. TV time. Around 11 or 12, I'll be in front of the television. I always switch to Discovery Channel, for How do They Do It? program and How Its Made?. 

Thats what Ive done at home everyday at home. Seriuosly. Haha. Not bad, huh? By the way, I want a job badly! Please..

I've been gone around the town so many time for the search. It was so tiring! On bike, no wonder. I used be accompanied by my friend, Wan Amir. On our bike, we having a lot of time for chat. A usual chat. No progress at all. Same as when I still in SMKSM. Huhu. My point is, he still like before, no change.

We go here, we go there. All they said, "Just give you name and contact number, we'll call you later." Its going to the end of January. Where is the job...

End. Comment some, even in the shoutbox.

This was the cat that I've mentioned before.