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Getting job.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Since I'm no longer a student of a school, so it's the right time to act like real adult. I'll get a job! Yes, and I've applied some of vacancies within my town, Seri Manjung. At first, me myself want to get myself a job, you know, my wallet is getting dusty. 

Furthermore, my family is getting desperate for money, for my siblings that will continue their studies for 2010 session. Everything is about money. I remembered once my ustaz of my former school, ever said that nowadays, 'Money is nothing, valueless. So, why so difficult to spend some money for the society fees?'. He said that as there was several students who was so stubborn to spend some money for the society. I'm not so agree for him, ya, he could say that as he got a lot of money. I think that he never knew having such life like mine, always desperate for money. He said money nowdays was valueless, yes, I admitted that, but how much effort should we put to get them? I was valueless, but you have to put an effort for it.

Even though I got such life, I'll keep on trying to improvise my family's life. I'll going to make chance. I'll make my mother happy and make she feel that all of her sacrifices worth.

Okay, recently I've applied at some places. 

1. Hotlink Centre - waiting for the call-back
2. SKOMK - pending for the request to employ an assistant
3. Kiosk Ayamas - waiting for the call-back
4. McD - about to fill up the applicant form

There were some of the application. I hope I'll got one, any, I don't mind. As long I could getextra money during the leisure time after SPM. I always pray that, in the future, I'll get such a great job, which I could contribute to my family, having happy and lack-of-money-matter-of-family. 

Frankly speaking, I'm not the person who always care about money. I hate to be stingy and too hard to spend  money. 

Pray for me for a good job.