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Monday, October 11, 2010

1. Leader came form the word 'lead' which could be meant by plumbum, pencil carbon or heading some group. The one that I want to highlight here is, to head a certain organization. yeah, leader. Or a head (not the organ).

2. Being a leader was not as easy as it sounds, nor as a piece of strawberry shortcake.

3. It compiled all the hardly-to-maintain characteristics such as responsibility, strength, inner or outer, the spirit, willingness, dedicate and stand.

4. For me, leadership depends on talent and training. If somebody who doesn't have any talent in leadership, how could he lead his group? And if he doesn't make through any training session for leadership, how could he knows the way of leading? For anybody had the talent, it's just an advantages for them, as they was gifted on their own interest. So, for me, for having talent, ones should have interest.

5. Since I was a prefect someday back, I learned by myself the way of leading. By observing the surrounding, the orders asked by the teachers, according to the books and not less, guidance that had been shared by my friends.

6. Then, when it turned into something even bigger, like being a committee of a program and in addition, being the leader of your group where you should take care all the stuff happen around you as long as the program being held, was something experiencing though.

7. Something challenging should occurs as long as you be called as leader. As your action being justified, hard critics even unpleasant feedback of majority decision be made by the minorities would be pointed to the leader.

8. A leader also should be strong in psychologically, as he would face those obstacles by himself alone usually without giving up, resign and let the downpour from your eyes. No, no, no. If you had these symptoms, you're not well-build leader.

9. Well, leader means risk. There were so many risk that one had to face on behalving his team.Unavoidable for sure. All had mentioned above.

10. Let me share some of my current experience for being a leader. As the monitor of my group, my so far I didn't had any bad situation, if I got one, it seems not hard to be handled. Yea, I supposed all of the members were easily accept me as their representative. Some problem occurred as one or two of us rather made their own decision and more preferable than the majority, so I couldn't do anything other than convincing them. After then, it's all up to them.

11. On the other hand, a friend of mine facing difficult times by having the post as a leader. The others seemed kept themselves away from holding the responsibilities. And the worst, as he elected, he had been bullied indirectly and even be blamed by not being a good leader if he done any mistakes unpurposely.

12. Even though these time was a quite a long post, perhaps it's the one which worth to be read. At least you know the way of my mind think about leadership.

P/S: The best way be a good leader, in my vision, is always be ready to sacrifice most of your things for your group (I didn't meant by being badly humble)  and consider each of your members' opinions in certain circumstances which need brainstorming.

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