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Confused, tired, huh.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Since JPA postponed the release of the interviewer's results, whether they have the chance to pursue the study under it, made all tensed out. Huh, seriously, I'm tired of waiting.. Gosh, seriously, seriously, seriously.  Really, He put me in a test. Patient. (-_-)~

I've heard that MARA scholarship result also postponed, and said to be released as the time of JPA's. I found out Izzudin stressed out, as I read on his blog just now.. So do Amar Zaim. Poor them. Poor us. T_T.

As back up, I'm preparing for the intake to University of Malaya by filling the forms, getting copy of these and those documents. I also managed to go to the HSM (Seri Manjung Hospital) just now for medical check-up. After paying the check-up fee, RM20.00, I needed to go to x-ray department to get my inner side of my body being snapped by a giant no-at-all-camera-like stuff. I was shocked just now when I'm staring at the x-ray film, I found some pattern. Weird one. Really.

Then, having urine test, negative, negative, negative. I'm not consuming drug anyway. Then, having eye test, and even though I've been aided by spectacles, my left eye still couldn't see properly. Okay, no more budget for new lens as I have already changed both of it almost last week, if I'm not mistaken. I don't have any money more remain, as I cost RM 80.00. Never mind, next time.

I confused now. The time for UM intake was around the corner. The relusts for JPA almost at the day of the intake. Let's time go on, and see.