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Mawwadah Day.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My parents are coming to my school today. Hoorayy~
I sat in the hall.. waiting all the things being set up.. as I read a novel, Syamim's, entitled 'Remember Me?'. I'll tell you about the novel on the other posting.
Urm.. it is really a wait. Then, my parent came. I leaved my seat and walked towards them, guided them to their seat after fetching my result.
I walked back to my seat, continue reading the novel.
The speeches pass by as smooth as the comitee expected.
Then, we went to the canteen, to redeem my parents breakfast using a coupon that had been given by the teachers just now while getting my result. This is my dad's comment as he tasted the meal (fried mee-hon): "If my kids at the hotel got an outcome just like this (he is a chef for your information), better quit. Just like school canteen stuff." Then I replied, "It is school canteen stuff."
Then, my mom got a chat with teacher Aumi, my physics teacher. I felt a little bit awkward when my mom have a chat with my teacher, about myslef in class, in front of me. But everything that she had said to my mom, is always positive. I'm glad. She saw my ability, my potential.
Then, walked back to the main hall to see class teacher, Mdm. Mohana Kala of course. I'm shocked, we need to line up! Not as be planned before, the parents is need to put the result slip on a table, and the teacher will pick which slip come first, while the parents wait on the chair. But this time the parents needed to line up. Hayyan lined up, alone, before me, then I asked him, "Where is your parents?" He said, "I'm just lined up on behalf of my parents. When it comes to my turn, I'll call up them." Whatever.
After have a short chat with Mdm. Kala, as she told my parents about my result in English Paper. She advised me to read many English stuff. I told her I read novel. She said novel is not helping so much, try to read articles, magazines, newspaper whatsover. Okay then, I'll do it.
Then, we took a ride to my hostel, to take some of my belonging to be brought to Perak. I'm going back! That is why I could post this posting.

Anyway, it is such a day-that-is-not-dissapointing.
*Got the spirit!*