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Isolated. Deserted.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

That was the title of my final novel (for now), Terasing by Hilal Asyraf. First of most, I got this book from a book showcase in SMV Seri Manjung, the former school of a friend of mine, so do the workplace of my mum. So, when I busy observing books that had been shown there, my eyes stuck on the book, since I've read an article about it in ILuvIslam forum. According to them, this book was great and full of guidance. I managed to bought it, mum's treat, hehe.

At first I expecting something good from this book, same as others who really hoping the best from the writer in their writing. For me, this book didn't disappointing me at all. Really. Full of everything that people do say 'the food of soul', advices, and some verses from the Holy Quran.

I could see something from this master piece, from the author of course which was the eagerness to show the pattern or shape of a family which every musleem suppose to have, or the right word, to create. Why I said this because the author tried to put a figure in the reader's mind how beautiful a family would like as the members followed the guideline as proposed by Islam. Anyhow, even this was not the main theme of the entire story as mentioned in the title.

Let me tell something related to the title. Terasing, story about two friend who making vow to remind each other in each of their prayer. Also, one of them (Zaman), made his best friend (Saifullah) to guide him back to the right path in case he if he get split or being apart from the way that he suppose to be within. Some obstacle happened, as both of them had been lost contact to each other for 11 years, and Saifullah who always remember the promises wondering about the condition of his former best friend. Until one day, he met back Zaman, and obviously, he changed a lot. Now, it was the time for him to fulfill his promise.

Whoa.. hold it right there. I supposed not to tell you further more. Buy it for the real pleasant of reading. It's worth to own, and reasonably price of RM20.00.

I'm looking forward for other book written by Hilal Asyraf, so recommend me some please yeh. (I heard Sinergi was a great piece). For ordering his books online, you may prefer this link. Anyway, Hilal Asyaf was a great author in such kind of Islamic novel. I admired him. His official website, Langit Ilahi.