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9 Lives

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1. Here we go again. Book overview.

2. This time I am about to type about 9 Nyawa (9 Lives) by Ramlee Awang Mursyid, No. 1 thriller novelist in Malaysia.

3. I've done reading this book for 3 days as at the same time I got classes and some revision on Maths.

4. First of all, for me this novel provide something which you could get it on your television screen. Drama based plot. Not less, the novelist often use flash back method in his writing on this one.

5. It's a typical dramatic kind of novel. Not mine I supposed.

6. Overall, for me it doesn't dissapointing but typical.

P/s: Cats wasn't the main role here.

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miszmariposa said...

peminat ramlee awg murshid ka sayid? gud3~ me too.

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