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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Salam alaykum wbt.. What a nice day we having today.

I may continue the writing without even care that I've left the blogging world quite a while (it's been really a while) with something interesting to be story on yet enjoyable. Well, I already planned to do so though so far any of my entry seemed tedious, long and non-productive.

Although, really, that while I've being through gives the chances for me to think deeply, vigilantly and critical about blogging or in other word, expressing my very fresh thoughts to be seen and inevitably, to be judged by the readers (they who have the interest).

For becoming a good columnist (for myself, in my own blog) several things should I take into my concern before letting my fingers run rythmically on the keyboard and eventually hit the publish button.

It's non of myself that really have the enthusiasm to yell to the others about myself, my personal life, my activities in a very detailed way, nor updating my current expression, mood and whatsoever. So, I'll let my piece of writing to be least personal and general.

Taking into consideration, I'll always like to mention something really significant out of the least important one.

Maybe it's going to be factual and straight.

Not a bogus piece, yet all from my very own ideas.

I ever though once, I'll never be a good blogger, and consequently, assuming that I'm not the one who have the talent in writing. At the same corner, a thought that compells me to do this always saying: It's worth trying than nothing.

Some good reasons came afterwards, as I ought to do something to enhance the better usage of it by practicing by myself due to lack of exposure in my institute academically.


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