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Emendation of the Script of Life

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Salam alaikum, how are you?

We live every day so far. Every single day was a sign of God still want to have us living to the fullest for Him. Yet, we're only a human. Created by Him with specialities and perfectness, but still impaired somewhere somehow. Something that we could not defy or deny and inevitable. This weakness that we born with, and compel us to live with. Including living as the part of society, full of judgement.

Here's story that I willing to share, occurred once among friends related to what I willing to deliver this time.
"One day, student A, student B, student C and student D have planned to work their assignment together since the dateline is around the corner.
After class, they split up for change, and agreed to meet up again in student B's room. Student A had prepared for the discussion, then he checked to Student B's room, and realized that Student C and Student D still in their way. He decided to return to his room, which is nearby, to settle up something while waiting for the two guys to show up, and for that he acknowledged Student B to notify him if the guys is around.

But then, he've been too tired so he fell asleep in the middle of his errand. Somehow he woke up after a moment and remembered that he supposed to be in the middle of the discussion that time with the other. He rushed to Student B's room. He found out that three of them had started without him. Sadly, Student B was not giving a good greet for Student A's presence. Student A somehow felt humiliated in front of the other two guys walked away. As stoned-hearted kind of person, Student A only thinking of clearing the mess after Student B go for him.

The point is, Student B have doing a mistake for having bad thought about Student A's timing, made him felt that he being underestimated, without any question. The challenge is for Student B to correct the things up, as he gotten some kind of friend who is really taking anything about feeling very seriously.

The challenge was really a challenge. Its about to correct things up, which varies with the situations, persons and perceptions. Yes, this is the way of testifying how strong friendship being built, and how mature they would resolve the problem that involving communication skills, even worse with the one who we expect to see everyday.

No matter how big the problem, how hard the situation had occurred, just make up this in your mind: humans done mistakes. Be professional, think about the goodness that you've been together before the fuss bugging up your relationship. Take a good glimpse about the past for being with the friend. Imagine how our the rest for your life will becoming without the warm feeling of having each others laughter, jokes and friendly quarrel, which suddenly threatened by the unnecessary acts to show off the hatred.

The things will never be back to its places, as long both of the sides won't take part and playing their respective roles. Ego, intimidation and constantly having cynical thought, always thinking that you are the good side, believe me, those will put the situation far from the solution unless bring closer those catastrophe consequences.

The best thing to do, be the philanthropist yet realistic. Don't expect others to start. Think about the most relevant and effective act to work on. Have the good intention and hope to put everything back on, and always pray for the best thing will come around in any circumstances.

The best is yet to come. And you have the options.


P.s: I am probably not the right person to speak out, but these was something I think worth to share based on my very own perspective.

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