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Saturday, October 9, 2010

1. Staying in the dormitory area at the moment where the others doesn't around was something new to me.

2. Quite, silent and sometimes seemed spooky well almost everybody went home. Even APIDS' themselves.

3. Ouh, anyways, why I'm staying? Because I'm APIDS' kids of course.

4. Well, as I told before we needed to sit for next 2 paper, Maths subjects for the next two weeks.MyEm0.Com

5. For the times in between, we only got several classes, and 3-full-day classes with lecturer from PASUM. Approximately, 3 days only, in total, 6 days of classes. MyEm0.Com

 6. So, the point is, what should we do on these leisure times?

7. Doing math of course. Am not that clever to let myself enjoy the ample moment by doing nothing for the next 2 papers.

P/S: Frankly, I like this silent condition. Tranquilling. MyEm0.Com

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