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Friday, May 14, 2010

The agony is back. Since the most agonizing feeling had happened, the day I fetch my SPM result, now I need to face another one. JPA result.

Before this, I've posted an article about my experiences during JPA interview, here, Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN) then, I should wait for the result. Whether I get the chance to pursue my pre-U in INTEC for Biotechnology course or otherwise, I don't know yet. They said, third week of May, perhaps 16th-22nd May. Yah, wait.

I also got offer via UPU, when I qualified to pursue my study in Malaya University for Applied Science with Islamic Study. I've mention about this in my post before this, here, at the last paragraph. I should do the registration on 23rd May.. and those preparation don't complete yet, including medical check-up.

So, since JPA result forced me to had this hectic wait, I don't know where will I go yet. Just all I can do is, keep praying hoping the best for my future. InsyaAllah, He knew the best.

4 people respond:

fye said...

insyaallah kau dapat.

tapi tah2 bukan ke INTEC.
silap2 ke KMB.

praying the best for you!;D

amierul said...

Ko bolehnya Daniel..haha..tapi lau ko ke KMB jumpa abg Faqih ar..jgn lari tau..hahahah

SyDanny~ said...

KMB? tak kesah la mane2 pun.. huhu [tp ntec ag besh, rmai geng]
haha, jgn riso, abg faqih dah nak fly la.. hehe
thx fye, mierul..

ismatz said...

insyaALLAH dapt.. sama2 kita doakn..

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