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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Today was a fun day. Even though I felt a little bit down this morning, because of a friend of mine, I mean I assume him a my best friend talk about something that hurt me. I thought i became too sensitive perhaps, so i ignored the broken-hearted side of me. Or maybe he only wanna make jokes or teasing me. He still my friend. Whatever. Whatever it takes.

The other problem is the lack of dancer for 'Makan Beradap' ceremony that will be held on next Tuesday. Everybody kept refused to perform in the day to dance the Johor Traditional Dance, Zapin. Thank God, there are some person who will to be co-operative with me. Afiq, Abg Adib and most contribution that I will appreciate the most is from Amirul and Syinon (Thariqian~!).

Here how the practice being held. We managed ourselves in the former stuff room on the third floor of the Block A. Even though the room like having tornado last night, with papers scattered all over the floor, we still thought the room is the suitable place for the practice. So, the practice begun.

We managed ourselves to arrange steps for the Zapin half away for this moment. So, we planned to continue the rest this night. I hoped so much, this will be worthed. Only 2 days away for the ceremony.

'Makan Beradap', I can describe it by one word. TENSION!


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