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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just now I had joined a trip to National Science Centre in Kuala Lumpur. Just butt in among the members of Profession Club member, but I don't care, I've invested RM 20 for the trip. So I suggested that I am not a interruptor.

Being there is kinda.. I dont know. I dont feel anything. This time is my 4th visit to the centre. So, no wonder I felt fimiliar to the environment of the PSN compund. Just one thing, an addition exhibition being held, that is SURVIVOR: SAVE OUR EARTH. Let me tell you what is the exhibition is all about.

It is actually about the future, in 2050. We as a visitor needed to give idea how we will gonna survive or in other word, stay alive a a living things on the surface of the earth whilst the earth is getting sick (related to pollutions, natural disaster etc.). And all of this unpleasure phenomenons is no doubt to be said: made by human hands. So, we needed to contribute the idea how to make our life better with the smart use of energy, how kind house needed to be built and how to manufacture future food. A lot of intreactive stuff being arranged there (actually a few, I mean very few).

I've tried some of the interactive machines, such as food generated simulation (needed us to manufacture future food, and I've managed to manufacture a bean.. somthing I've forgot). Then, we've tried the food distribution computer simulation (similar to the kids games, catch the flying things.. boring), and one more thing, a machine that required us to built our future-like home. This is the picture while I'm using the phone to follow the instructions by the machine.

Ok then, thats all I could tell you now. The acsses room is gonna be closed. Next time I'll post something that is not hanging.

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