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Open your mind to mind the others feelings.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to readers. 

One kind of topic that quite a challenge to be discussed on yet compulsory to be taken as an important issue. I really like and tend to write about the things that usually occur among the society so it may be something typical and easily understand. Its like every single person that jumped into the articles here would somehow can relate themselves along while reading. Really I'm such an observant.

Frankly, to make everybody clear, I really dislike judgement. Well, I meant by simple judgement, made just with a quick glimpse or glance, which afterward the pesky feeling will come along within the 'judges' toward certain group of people or individual being as they acted differently and sometimes the combo includes some rude expression. For sure, this kind of situation have no exception to happen within any type of community.

I recently got a story from a female friend, she was sounded like frustrated, and dissapointed to those kind of people. She was kind of outspoken type of person, always letting her thought being spurted out no matter what the others may think or having some sceptical perception while she herself being cynical out loud. One day, some group of junior run pass her and just seemed like ignored her presence. Well, somehow its kind of obvious and offensive and according to her, she's being treated like that just because of her hijab was not big enough as theirs. Afterwards, she got the best of them by these words, "Well, your purity might be shown off by your appearance but in the way of being sceptical and rude to the other that may have slight differences apart of yours, how much of purity of the real of you really have instead of the outfits?". The day after the incident, the came by themselves and made an apologize.

Its really hard to deal with shallow-minded person. For me, those people who only appreciate their own perceptions that being made only by raw observation was immature because they're lacking of the skill in being analitical and thorough. Plus, they may barely took experiences as their indirect lesson of life neither taking some effort to recall and relate them with current situations. The sensitivity perhaps there but always reserved for their own sake.

Its really  sounds like retard because they were. They were being immature in taking their own thoughts into account in certain situation especially when the involvement of somebody else, when at the same time their own presence was inevitable e.g. group project. The satisfactory may appear as they became uneasy with the unpleasant act by the certain member they annoyed on by responding with some unpleasant act too. Most preferred way, get them offended back as much or worse as they had, even it was unintentionally done due to some reasons which less preferred to be ask why it have been so.

Easy enough
People less care about problems when they lived happy and hardly face some as everything seem going well and smooth. When the other got the best of them, and struggled to the fullest capacity and may seem unorganized due to the aftermath, in order to get everything settled down. Another shallow thought that totally never ever should crossed in your mind is comparing the certain person ability to handle certain problem with their own capability, and obviously, its really unfair as numerous factors that should be put into account for supporting the thought are totally being ignored. It will never be the same thoughts when the truth are being known.

These writing might crowded with ideas and descriptions which negatively described, yet those were the reality. Typical and mediocre. I purposely pointed out them just exactly the way they were so you could value them yourself instead of telling the wrong along with the right thing to do or solutions. This typical world typically had typical problem among the society, so typical solution and approach should be worked on. We know what we prefer, and counterwise. Be brilliant in socialize instead of letting the flow goes by and everything will turn well only by the influences by the others. Do not ever forget that we are also part of the system.


Emendation of the Script of Life

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Salam alaikum, how are you?

We live every day so far. Every single day was a sign of God still want to have us living to the fullest for Him. Yet, we're only a human. Created by Him with specialities and perfectness, but still impaired somewhere somehow. Something that we could not defy or deny and inevitable. This weakness that we born with, and compel us to live with. Including living as the part of society, full of judgement.

Here's story that I willing to share, occurred once among friends related to what I willing to deliver this time.
"One day, student A, student B, student C and student D have planned to work their assignment together since the dateline is around the corner.
After class, they split up for change, and agreed to meet up again in student B's room. Student A had prepared for the discussion, then he checked to Student B's room, and realized that Student C and Student D still in their way. He decided to return to his room, which is nearby, to settle up something while waiting for the two guys to show up, and for that he acknowledged Student B to notify him if the guys is around.

But then, he've been too tired so he fell asleep in the middle of his errand. Somehow he woke up after a moment and remembered that he supposed to be in the middle of the discussion that time with the other. He rushed to Student B's room. He found out that three of them had started without him. Sadly, Student B was not giving a good greet for Student A's presence. Student A somehow felt humiliated in front of the other two guys walked away. As stoned-hearted kind of person, Student A only thinking of clearing the mess after Student B go for him.

The point is, Student B have doing a mistake for having bad thought about Student A's timing, made him felt that he being underestimated, without any question. The challenge is for Student B to correct the things up, as he gotten some kind of friend who is really taking anything about feeling very seriously.

The challenge was really a challenge. Its about to correct things up, which varies with the situations, persons and perceptions. Yes, this is the way of testifying how strong friendship being built, and how mature they would resolve the problem that involving communication skills, even worse with the one who we expect to see everyday.

No matter how big the problem, how hard the situation had occurred, just make up this in your mind: humans done mistakes. Be professional, think about the goodness that you've been together before the fuss bugging up your relationship. Take a good glimpse about the past for being with the friend. Imagine how our the rest for your life will becoming without the warm feeling of having each others laughter, jokes and friendly quarrel, which suddenly threatened by the unnecessary acts to show off the hatred.

The things will never be back to its places, as long both of the sides won't take part and playing their respective roles. Ego, intimidation and constantly having cynical thought, always thinking that you are the good side, believe me, those will put the situation far from the solution unless bring closer those catastrophe consequences.

The best thing to do, be the philanthropist yet realistic. Don't expect others to start. Think about the most relevant and effective act to work on. Have the good intention and hope to put everything back on, and always pray for the best thing will come around in any circumstances.

The best is yet to come. And you have the options.


P.s: I am probably not the right person to speak out, but these was something I think worth to share based on my very own perspective.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Salam alaykum wbt.. Good day.

In order to have better things to be happened totally within our need and desire, we lie. Most of us had experienced these during the childhood, keep silent for the broken vase, let the examination paper stay under the bed, and put the guilty for the spill on somebody else. That's the way child do to avoid parental act, punishment to be exact. Childish huh?

I love to write something meaningful, contented Stuff. Truly I'm such an observant. And indeed, I found out that this dirty wicked act doesn't happened only about the underage society. Yet, the other who really used to this done unimaginably worse deception.

I will never point out who, which and what is about because its now become too general. Our society really, I rather said here, live in something that being made up to cover up the unpleasant truth. Yes, the worst thing that could happened is happening just right under your nose. Poor for some of us, they were easily blinded.

Yes, they had agenda. To let things happend just the way it ought to no matter the circumstances. Sometimes, they consider many things earlier, having detailed plan, arrange everything so they will have them in the places perfectly before it get occured perfectly. The most crucial part, having back up to cover up those if any worst case scenario would come across in unanticipated shocking way.

Another type of deceit act occur in the moment of desperation. Nothing but to distract public attention toward some delusions.

Power, desireness, desperation lead to the deception. People will do unexpected thing to ensure other people's perceptions will never be the threatening one, yet convincing. Put them in a secure position.

One major thing I dislike about the act is when it consider others right and life. When it comes into those, the consequences would be tremendously awful. They will never care about any bad things that usually come along as long the benefits roll over for them. Israel is most exact and global example.

In Islam, deception is considered to be one of the worst thing to do to let yourself possessed by sins. The Prophet sayings mentioned about this, as one of the characters of the munafeek (hypocrite).

I'm really sick of those people which really get used in decieving, stay put in their pathetic manner by putting a lie on top of another lie to cover up the previous one. When it reached a certain limit, when everything's no longer working and the deception itself finally tells the truth, those people still on their position, doing pretty
much terrible things to do by commiting slender.

Well, these were the act of people who say that the satisfaction do come from themselves, by playing hard to get. Selfish and ungrateful kind. Ain't they worst than a child?


Little Paradigm

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Salam alaykum wbt.. What a nice day we having today.

I may continue the writing without even care that I've left the blogging world quite a while (it's been really a while) with something interesting to be story on yet enjoyable. Well, I already planned to do so though so far any of my entry seemed tedious, long and non-productive.

Although, really, that while I've being through gives the chances for me to think deeply, vigilantly and critical about blogging or in other word, expressing my very fresh thoughts to be seen and inevitably, to be judged by the readers (they who have the interest).

For becoming a good columnist (for myself, in my own blog) several things should I take into my concern before letting my fingers run rythmically on the keyboard and eventually hit the publish button.

It's non of myself that really have the enthusiasm to yell to the others about myself, my personal life, my activities in a very detailed way, nor updating my current expression, mood and whatsoever. So, I'll let my piece of writing to be least personal and general.

Taking into consideration, I'll always like to mention something really significant out of the least important one.

Maybe it's going to be factual and straight.

Not a bogus piece, yet all from my very own ideas.

I ever though once, I'll never be a good blogger, and consequently, assuming that I'm not the one who have the talent in writing. At the same corner, a thought that compells me to do this always saying: It's worth trying than nothing.

Some good reasons came afterwards, as I ought to do something to enhance the better usage of it by practicing by myself due to lack of exposure in my institute academically.


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Salam warahmatullah to all my dearest reader. I always saying this as I am starting a post: how pity my blog had been, being abandoned since so long. (I'm SORRY)

Now, I am back for a new thought(s). It came across my mind to write something here recently, actually as I've no idea what to look forward for my English II Paper tomorrow (4th March 2011). Then I decided to use my blog as an applicant for my skills in writing English. Okay-okay, I would like to write about 3R, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This well-known quote practically been used for Green Earth Campaign, Recycling Campaign and many other campaigns which hoping that the deterioration of human consciousness about the environment can be upraised back. Actually, I saw something else behind the quote, new way of implementation of good things in our lives.


For some context we can focus 'reduce' by reducing the usage of something which could lead to harm. For example in 3R campaign, plastic is the main issue. Cut the usage of plastic bags, plastic wrappings and many plastics, plastics and plastics from involving our daily activities, (especially for groceries) to retreat the environment from this hardly biodegrade stuff that always continue to pollute. Well, do you see something here? Reducing something could reduce something else. Okay, of course in order to lessen something lead to harm, apart from just stay do nothing as it doesn't make any changes in your life. It’s such a self-oriented thinking.

Implementation of plastics in our live here was about the properties of plastics itself towards the environment. Yeah, of course plastics don't do any hurts towards human (unless the plastics been given to your kids/younger brother or sister as a toy) but it created a slow but deep impact toward the Earth. 

We had Iman (faith) which was the environment that provides the place for living. Plastics were negative influences (sins, debauch stuff) that keep ruining the faith which put our life on the right path, from going distantly. We do feel pleasure, happy, and delightful with plastics but think, how about the environment?  As the environment polluted, then we could see clearly, physically (the behavior) the changes. Well, as I mentioned before, cut or reduce the usage of plastics to preserve your environment. Too many jargon here, so frankly speaking, preserve your iman for any sinful act, or at least control yourself by reduce the frequency of the doings. Believe in yourself, and vitally, believe in Allah, the One who had created you. Reduce here obviously bring something good to your life to prevent any destructive circumstances. You can make the change.

Focusing in 3R concepts, well there, means by make something that had been used, to be used by for another purpose. Yeah, typical example, creating a lovely and simple flower vase from plastic bottle. Economically beneficial, in addition. Furthermore, we could transform the bottle into a vase based on our own well-build-creative thinking. 

Bottle, vase. Knowledge and implementation (reuse).  Maybe these will look a slight different from the concept of reuse but I'll try to make the idea actually doesn't have that difference. ‘Ilm (knowledge) was a prior thing to be looked or searched in a Muslim's life. Without any doubt also, knowledge was everything. It could lead to anything. You can call it anything, study, educate, learn, follow, etc. 

Why study? Why should you know this? Why you should know that? The answer was simple. To be use. Be an applicator and implementer. No such knowledge that was useless. It only comes out whether being implemented rightfully or in the other way around. Nowadays, we’re living in a brand new (I supposed) environment or trend: exam oriented (well, I’m narrowing the scope for students/scholars). Study for exam. For good credits, marks, and points considered study ONLY for exam. This couldn’t be right in certain way, certainly. Next scope, for Islamic Studies students, yes, they hold bigger responsibility to reuse everything they had absorbed in the class in the daily life, for role modeling themselves in the center of the society. And yes, you won't simply be a simplistic person to do these. Strength should be gained to make these a reality.

In addition, we're not alone in the path of fulfilling our nature requirement for living as a servant which pleasured by the God, Allah. As we're not alone, sharing is vital. Reuse your knowledge by sharing with friends and fellows. Don’t make it only beneficial towards yourself; for instance, use it  for others good instead. In the same moment you could contribute something useful as a friend.


Transform into something new but in different patterns. I’m recently managed to set up a ‘Recycle’ in a program here, so I came out with an idea of putting a video of consciousness about recycle. I found out a video from YouTube™, showed a new way to recycle typical ordinary plastic bags: transform it into a hard pole for building frame in Kenya. Creative isn’t it? Make something used into something that was more beneficial. Saying that those were rubbish wasn’t a productive thinking.

Now here what I am trying to deliver was something that we could reflect in ourselves. Certainly, we couldn’t recycle any part of our limbs, or organs (if that was in your mind, no). We recycle by review, glance or revalue the quality of our humane quality. For sure both aspect should be considered, habl min Allah and habl min nas (link with Allah and other people), to be the most preferable human capital. Well, reflecting the self wasn’t that easy. We got ego, and ego plays its role to boast up the self, make the feeling of perfectness creep up inside ourselves. Consequently, lack of ‘recycle’ make the heart stoned and let the ego throne up. 


3R not only about the environment, Earth or sustaining our place to live, it also could be implemented by ourselves for being a better person. Aslih nafsak (improvise yourself) with this simple formula, 3R, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. 

Some mumble or thought by you may be expressed if you had confusion on these. Okay, simple, these were my ideas and views. You could express yours below, practice sharing, then we could discuss together. 

Credit to: Wan Ahmad Furqan for be the early bird reader of this post. =)