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My last day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today was the day. The day that I waited, just like the day I waited for a job. I free now. Free from work, command and boring request. Haha. Actually I've been asked for resign from the store. I cannot make the sincere out of my heart anymore. I couldn't done any work without mumble and grumble. I'm boring, tired. Yeah, as long I've experience to be a worker, doing many harsh work and always being tired and fed up, hold the unwillingness feeling on and on. No, I couldn't take it anymore.

I had told Mrs. Pei Pei for the resign, in the beginning of the week. She said, yes, you can, but make sure all books that should be returned to the publisher all have been packed up. Then I just said okay. I had managed to packed all PEP Publication books (total: 9 boxes, phew!), then it had been taken away by the person in-charge, Mr. Johari, the one who drove the unwashed lorry to load stocks from the main store in Sabak Bernam, took those boxes away to the publisher. Then, she asked me more, how about Cerdik Publication's books? Thanks God, sis Julie had done all the job, checking, either packing. Huhu.Thanks to her. After that, she gave me green light to leave. I asked her for my salary, she said, next Monday, after 3 p.m. Afraid she'll be busied by the customers. Alright then, just okay. I'll be there next Monday. Hoped I got satisfying salary.

Not only that. There was drama behind all of this. Not easy as these. Mr. Chia (now I know the real spelling of my employer's name.. hehe), doesn't know anything about this. Just now, when the store was nearly to be closed, he asked me to continue the work that had been asked by him: next week. I just let him be. Not denying anything, just agreed with him. Poor him. Then I asked Mr. Lee, my second employer for confirmation.vHe don't know anything. Auch! Suddenly I felt guilty. How come Mrs. Pei Pei didn't tell him? Then, I just go.. and left the store, my last day been over.

But now, Mr. Chia had been informed by me through the phone. I really in guilty. I seek for his apology, thrice, and he said it's okay. Just settled down those salary stuff an so on with Mrs. Pei Pei, he said. By then, I felt relieved. Thanks Mr. Chia for everything.

Even though those people, the other workers there may not read this blog, but then, I really want to express my appreciation towards all of you for your co-operation during  the time I was a part of Chiew Books and Sports.
1. Shahrul. He helped me a lot in the store. Lifting boxes. Checking books. Arranging stuff, many things.
2. Sis Yana. She guide me in every single things in the store. How to do this, how to do that. And she also willing to buy me a drink when she's on her break.
3. Morgana. Always cheer me up. She's very effective worker and hardworking. Huhu. Thanks for your support!
4. Sis Umaa. Always asked me to help her doing he medals' stuff. I'm glad to help her! Very nice and kind person.
5. Sis Ding. Cheer and active woman. Always teasing me, making such jokes, and the place for me to ask for goods' bar code.
6. Sis Ana. Having marriage breaks apparently. Actually I always argued with her, because of the attitude, hard to feel respect to other person. Yes, that's her weakness, but then she taught me many things about life. There were such person in anywhere. We just need to prepare to handle that kind of person.
7. Sis Julie. She's really sweet, nice. Since I've been replacing Syafiq (the other worker who had been resigned earlier), my things had been done with her. All about books. She never gave up when guiding me, even though I've frequently making mistakes. Thanks Sis, I'll remember you always.
8. Syafiq, Fatin Syazwani and Mona Fatin. Ex-employees there. Since we was in the same age, peer, we having time like youth in the store, including Shahrul. Exchange stories, cannot be doubt.
9. Mr. & Mrs. Lee (Pei Pei). A spouse who was hardworking. Thanks for everything.
10. Mr. Chia. Thanks for the ride in all around the district. (delivering books and goods to schools. Hehe)

Undeniable, Chiew Books and Sports gave a lot of experiences for me, even only having one and a half month there. Everything happened around me in there was a valuable moment and can't be gotten anywhere else. Thanks everyone, and farewell guys.

3 people respond:

Anonymous said...

i guess it's the right time to quit.
cos u need to prepare for the scholarship now

but i guess after that,
we need to find a new job~

lmbt lagi woo nk bulan 6

amierul said...

haha...baguslah uh syed dane lau ko un da tak ikhlas..huhu..takper kita sama2 cr kerja baru..huhu

SyDanny~ said...

haha. thanks anyway. tah arh, makin lme mkin fedup dow. kje balik?? ntah la. tgk la nnti. kne memilih gak.. hehe.

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