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H1N1 Continues.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

As the students be quarantined by mask, we all felt very unsecured now. Everybody kept saying, "When the school is gonna be closed??" Gosh I hope so too. The trial that being held as the outbreak attacking is being slowly less quality, I mean I bet the result later.

The principle also I think being a little bit fuzzy. He kept asking the KPs to do this, and this as to make excuses to close the school. First he asked that the total student that have been home is at least 60 students. Then they made a roll-call, immediate one, to detect how many student arent there. Then he rose the number to 70. We have been breaking the quota, that is 80++ students being back home. So we're happy, imagining ourselves at home, with gonna-be-delayed trial, the school gonna be closed. But then the situation is not as we hoping to be happened.

One night, after the KPs being tired counting students that already have their days at home, as the principle rose the total of student who already at home to 140, that is approximately 20% of the students, they got news that the princlipe gonna be at aspura after the isya' prayer. We waited for a good news from him, of course. KPs kept asking all the student to wear their mask, to show the situation that is, urm, kinda worst. Some people wearing a headache sticker on their temple, I'm not sure are they really headache or, only acting? All of this is only to provoked the principle, for what? Of course to closed the school.

He made himself imnfront of the Musolla, and made a speech. He told us all the reason why, he could not close the school. He said many such things that could be rebuttable, then made all of us getting fed up. Urgh, What the heck this old man saying? The students inside the musolla becaming less and lesser, couldnt stand anymore to hear the babling from the headmaster of the college. From 9.00 at the night he started, the students who still inside the musolla is can be counted. Actually they dont intersted at all about what the princile was saying, but they made an arena of debate with the priciple. They kept debating until 11.00 p.m! And you know what, the principle still stuck with his stance, the school is not gonna be closed.

Several days after that, Abbas came up in front of the musolla. He gonna explained all the truth. Actually the principle was right. According the checker from the Ministry of Health, they have been to our dormitary area and they found out that our school is not considered as the school in danger yet. So, what actually the principle being rebutting on the night is actually, his slight mistake in explaining why the school is not gonna be closed. Because of the slightest, mistake he made himsef being hated by students, an the moral in this story, make everything clear, so the others will not gonna misunderstood.

At last, we had to continue our trial. Some students who being back home, was not returned, so their SBP Trial was burnt, and according to the assistent of examination, their result will counted based on the another trial, JPS trial soon. So, the remaining student will stuck with their SBP students.

One more things, actually the boy who got positived by the virus H1N1, is ony positived by the H1 virus, normal flu virus.

The end.

1 people respond:

awe said...

dear my junior..
i know clearly dat our principal is not that likeable by the students
but i do think
dat u should at least...
keep dat hard feeling inside
no need to reveal it in dis blog
dat people all over the world can read ur writing

respect others and others will respect u
hormati dan sygilah guru anda (walaupun akak tahu agak sukar) kerana keberkatan itu mempengaruhi kehidupan anda di sekolah dan di ms akan dtg.

-siti hawa..xtku 08-

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